Saturday, December 17, 2005

Found that darned phone cable thingies..

Too bad it is only for my crappy mobile phone. I have yet to hunt the digital camera USB cable. Fear not.. well. I have to take that back. It may and can and should be fear that I would forget that too. I would add it to my to do list... if I can only remember where did I exactly put my to do list... or if I even have one. So the greater number of pictures will have to be put off later.

Anyhow, last weekend was my sister's wedding. Things was hectic enough. My family after all is not a large family. We of course could only rely on ourselves. The extended family.. well.. we could not jolly ask em to help us out. They have to do it out of the goodness of their heart. And Thank God that some of them do. Or I will still be stranded at JB trying to heal the numbness at my leg.

I arrived at JB at Saturday. It was no fun since the pelamin and hantaran is all finish and done. I was sulking the whole week before at the office. If peoples noticed my moodiness, that was partially the reason. I can be moody for any apparent reason if I chose. Anyhow, Sunday is the wedding. But Saturday is still quite eventful. The bridegroom family had came a bit early, so in appearance to be a generous and good hostess we have to prepare an express lunch. Of course cooking for 30 ++ peoples is almost impossible within an hour notice. So being truly Malaysians, we tapaw!

During the lunch feast it was raining heavily. And came a heavy fall , literally. We put up the tent at our neighbor's house which is also my mom's cousin house. The tent had 'roboh' to say the least. It seems like the aging tent's besi structure could not hold all those rainwater.

We can only looked on with dismay. All of the household members had gone out, excepting me. I am always last on the scene. Anyhow.. while my family are trying to salvage the ruin of the tent and a little bit of our dignities, the guests had finish eating. No worries... I just piled em up and worried about it later.

I have no idea how we get through that. But at the end the plates are cleaned, the guests were reasonably full, the tent however remains the same.

Guess it is better it had tumbled apart now rather than on the wedding day. Imagine the poor peoples stuck under the wedding tent if it had fall down while they are stuffing themselves with nasi minyak. Shudders.. The mess we then would be entangled in..

My mom promptly take out her batu lesung and rebus/boil it for the whole night and day. Old superstitious thingies. Supposedly it will keep the rain away. During the wedding day it had not rained . Well.. only a lil bit , but that was on the morning.. and only teensy itty bit of rain. Gayish rain I would call it. So.. hey.. the rebus stones thingies might just work. Take that, metereological department!

During the evening, rather than the Majlis Berinai thingies, my mom decided to have an impromptu majlis Tahlil for the departed members of our family. Which means during that short duration of time, my mom and the other family manage to cook a decent meal ; rather than tapaw, for the Tahlil.

After tahlil, cleaning up.. then continues for more preparation. By this time all of us had almost drop dead. But the other family members had managed to take out the rustic tent and put it to a safe place, while the others busying themselves with other preparation.

The small tokens of appreciation that were given to guest. Inside this satchel/kampit had been filled by telur pindang. Mighty popular. So none left for you. Sorry guys...

My sisters then proceeded to redecorate the hantaran/dowries. They are unsatisfied with how they are prepared by the wedding package that they had taken. It does look tasteless. Not to mention they had damaged one of the barang hantaran. Rather pissed off. The barang hantaran is not just for decoration purposes, eh. Make mental note to not take that wedding package for my own wedding! Since I do not have a creative bone in my fingers, my sisters and mom continued to reinvent the existing hantaran to a more pleasant looking dowries and I just content myself to pile up the pulut at the bunga paha.

My brothers? They went on to watch some wrestler spouting how great this wrestler were.. a unique person.. will miss him.. bla bla. Those who followed the wrestling scene , will know who I meant had died.

By 3 am the house is quiet...waiting for tomorrow when the festivities come.

Notes: I am tired too. That's why I stopped here.


nawaba said...

hoo..ada wedding tak ajak! carl tgh itching nak test drive kereta die for long distance driving and shai pon balik johor harituh. aku plak just itching nak go anywhere outside of kl. kalo tidak boleh hang out kat umah ko.

kedek! telor pinang pon takde. kedekk!

Dila said...

Wedding on Sunday la.. huhu.. alaa.. my wedding I definitely put you guys on my list eh eh..

Telor pindang , we do not take em to KL la.. tinggal cikit je..

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