Friday, December 30, 2005

Yeah, life is grand. What's new?

Baah.. I am not feeling sunshiny. It must be the air. All those rain. Or it must be that dratted sunshine. All bright and shining like that. Trying to lift our spirit. But all we ( ok... I) can do is look outside listlessly thinking... nothing. Hey.. come to think of it, I didn't even noticed it rained today. I was THAT busy. The window was right in front ! Or it had not rain? Why the heck am I talking about rain, while I am blaming the sunshine? I am so confused.

Haneem told me somewhere in the line that I must be truly lonely (Thanks a lot girl for pointing that out =p ). Since I blogged a lot! I laughed at that. Me. Lonely? Isn't it? I meant Taqi is blogging no more. He must be happy. Happy = Great Life = Fun = Definitely not thinking suicidal thoughts while listening to sappy songs. Yeah? Are you? Come on Taqi. Don't be coy.

The big guy of course is one big happy guy. Nahh.. blog is only his amusement now and then pastime.

Mr. Suff blogged a little entry now and then. He must had not been lonely. I know you lead a merry life. I drink a Coke to that!

Me? Man.. I need to find new hobbies. Like knitting. Then I will have the excuse to put up pictures of a badly made shawl, looking more like a ragged towel.

If I can find my USB phone cables again!! Now I know why I am complaining so much in this post. Ahh.. I am so mad and angry like that, so excuse me while I scream in my pillow.


nurshahaneem said...

Weh.Bukan ko aje yang lonely.Aku pon.Aku rasa pnah terbaca dlm post ko..someone said.."Blogger is a lonely person." Heh.!

Dila said...

eik.. lan . Salahkn.. lan. Lan kasi statement tu.

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