Saturday, December 31, 2005

Review Please

Now is the time to bring back this year resolution. Slap your head and put your cursor at your system clock if you are wondering why.

Anyway flashback... below are the list as per my post last year on the 31st December 2004 for those who are too lazy to click the link.

More recent needed fulfilled resolutions:
1. Lose a few kg..if possible more than few ..damn it - Hurray! I am successful here. Hey.. few measly KGs do count eh..
2. Try to be cheerful.. (baaahhh~) - This is a dreadful resolution , I had completely thrown it out the next day itself.
3. Think positive ( this is a dreadful resolution) - Same as above.
4. TRY to take care of your skin. Beautiful complexion.. AHEAD! - Eh , I manage. Somehow. Look Ma.. no pimples! And more clearer skins than before. Need to watch it somehow since work at crazy hours.
5. Find a job (This is actually a need) - I did. I found 2!
6. Installed broadband.. - Am. In. It. Now
7. Buy more matured clothes (this is a not good resolution) - This is not a good resolution. But somehow.. I kinda fulfilled this one the most. Weird.
8. Find another leather jacket - Ah no.. I was looking for that red leather jacket I saw on Isetan. But couldn't find it anymore once I got the money. Come to think of it, where is my leather jacket?
9. Oh yeah.. Watch whats goes into my mouth (Food I meant.. dont think otherwise) - This year I had gone into more fine dining experience more than I have in several years, and I manage to lose a few kgs than last year, and somehow manage to also starved myself even more than the other few years before. Hurray for eating disorder I say.
10. Forget about certain events, certain memories, certain someone (who am I kidding) - I may need to repeat myself. WHO AM I KIDDING?
11. Be single.. (For whatever reasons I can't fathom) - This is kinda funny when I saw this again. And I did this. Wowww.. for the longest time. (Look at own hands and wonders)

Now the resolution below , well as I say in my explanation before. I will take my time eh.

Resolutions I will try to fulfill before I died
1. Go to Pompeii - Counting the money in my bank. Minus expenses, clothing, eating, gadgets, brother dating expenses... 10 years more kut.. Wuaaa.
2. Gather all my books and susun it nicely in order (not alphabetical, nor year.. just so it looks in order) - Hey I manage it. Well my mom did. I was not at home eh . Don't blame me.
3. Donate all my not weared clothes to charity ( I have no idea where to start) - Arr.. no. Still trying to find the correct charity.
4. Try to donate to charity - Well a bit. I will try to make it more consistent once I got all my expenses things all settled out.
5. Took my bros to Genting.. (I love my bros..but they dont necessarily love me back) - No. They do not want to go to Genting. Well actually they did. Then the car have some problems. Then ahhh... takpe.
6. Go to Turkey (a more burning desire to go to Pompeii actually) - Erk.. Pompeii lagi, Barcelona lagi, Vietnam lagi.. where would I dig for money for this one ar.
7. Be single.. hahaha - Very funny la Dila. I think I will cancel this resolution out. This is too silly beyond words.
8. Learn to drive (Do i hear someone laughing) - Hey I did. Yeay! Got license finally. If only I can manage to park properly without sweating.
9. Join kickboxing .. hihihi - Oh man. This is sooo over achieving of me. I can barely walk the stairs. I may need to mull this over.
10. Try to get a certain someone (I am contradicting myself isn't it) - No comment.

It IS kinda nice to have a blog. Too see who you are then. I had written that thing above when there were less than 5 peoples reading my blog. Now.. well.. maybe the numbers are about the same, yet I am more self concious on what I wrote about now. A pity. Yet, a person needs to have some secret in their life eh.

Looking back at that post again, it had been fun to look back on what I want then and thinking that how I had changed a bit and I now hope a little less yet want a little more.

By the way, have a safe celebrations tomorrow!


Zer0k3wL said...

TRY to be cheerful ? can anyone be more chirpy as u are dila ? this coming from a gurl dat always has a few to giggle n smile to. New year is here..dun worry, be happy. Happy New Year Dila!

Dila said...

Chirpy arr? Weird. Peoples would disagree on that.. now. Heh.

And Thanx. Happy New Year. Yeay!

Unta@Jitra said...

Pjgnyer... rajin tol cik dila kita ni ngarang hehe... happy new year dila... jom azam baru hahaha LOL

Eccey anon rajin ek masuk sini... masuklaa blog aku skali hehehehe

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