Saturday, January 08, 2011

wheat muffin.

FTW? Not.

My muffins look exactly as in the pictures in the recipe book. But the taste? Ugh. I felt like gagging.

I don't know if using wheat flour it makes it taste cardboardy, or maybe perhaps I am doing it wrong (most probly). What I do know, i'm not attempting to bake cakes or muffin using wheat flour again even if the recipes called for it.

I should've gone with my first instinct and blended the apples to make it a filling to the muffins instead of just stirring the chopped apples in the flour ( as in the recipe ). What a waste of ingredients.

Hoh. Penat je baking.
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Cik Seri Darling said...

erk. ini untuk esok kah? aaaaaaaaaaaaa mencik...

chics said...

maybe tepung tu tepung lama walaupun baru je beli dekat kedai. I penah kene macam tu, bila cek balik dalam tu ada ulat. bolehh?

Dils said...

Serias: Muffins tak jadi. Takkan nak kasik org makan wehh.. Huhuh. Aku sendri tak sanggup makan

Chics: Euw. Tadek ulat pulak in the tepung, I checked. Tapi tu la. The flour did smells kinda funny tapi I kept on baking. Itulah padahnyeee.

Some said... blog..
salji dh cair still sejuk jugak...

Dils said...

Foyos sungguh ok :P Iphone pon ade blogger apps. Ade org tu gigih guna browser.

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