Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sudah beli phone baru

 Yosh, yosh.

Setelah seminggu duk pikir-pikir. Last2 the one that I decided upon was

 And since a few asked about the price, I bought it at Midvalley for RM2199.

Out of budget la kononnye kan (I mentioned this in my previous post). Tapi berkat duit overtime and my husband generously supporting half of the price, I thought what the heck, I like the phone enough, why not buy it. Terima kasih, kekanda suamiku yang jauh disana. And no, you may not trade your Iphone with my HTC.

I haven't got time nor have look through enough the phone to give a proper review. But so far I am loving the phone, (kalau dah price macam tu kena la suke kan). I like typing on the physical keyboard. 

Mende stiker kuning tu plastik kover keyboard aku malas buang.
Typing on the onscreen keyboard, in vertical mode is a dream too. So far no mistake yet when I type. The onscreen horizontal one is a bit leceh, but probably because I'd gotten used to the physical keyboard. 

So like I said before, not gonna do a whole lotsa review. I mean, you can just google it. Maybe just mentioned a few things. The notifications of the things gets some getting used. I was used with blackberry one, so at first I am kinda like wishing it is like blackberry. But so far its going ok. All notification is at the top of the screen, as usual per Android standard. I like the 7 home screen, which selepas menggodek2 baru aku taw camne nak customize it to make it my own. Aku memang blur like that. 

The email is a bit blah, but like I said, most probably just getting used to. But so far I like the features in there. It is easy. Configuring the Yahoo mail tho, is a bit of a pain. Have to google a bit to find what's wrong but I manage to setup it in no time. 

The only thing that I felt it is lacking is the FB app for Android, where I can't tag people with pics whereas I can do that easily on my BB. Other than that, I am satisfied. I'm sure I'm gonna find something that make me feel 'argh', but in the mean time I'll attribute it to, getting used to the phone.

One thing that I really like about the phone is the abilty to used the effects for picture taking

Now before taking pics, you can choose quite a number of  effects you want, and one of those is those cool "vintage" effects. It got 3 altogether. I had not been snap happy for the moments, but these are a few of the one I captured the other day.

This was taken with "Vintage" effect
This was with "Vintage warm".
Taken with "Vignette" mode

Also, there is a few other filters to choose too, if you want to edit the picture for later. The gallery pics is the one that is a bit annoying. I have to touch a particular pic lightly for a few sec, to get the list of options to do for the pics. Because sometimes if you tap it none too gently, it open the pic and you have to tap on the Back button again to bring up the 'Edit' mode. Tapi maybe after a while, I'll get accustomed to it.

So tak payah download Instagram for Android? Malas jugak nak mendownload extra apps ni. So in term of camera filters, this could do for a while. I like it. I had even setup a tumblr account for it. Ho yeah. 

What else? Oh, I'd been interestedly looking at the Android Market, since my last phone was a bit buggy with the "App World". During the first day I got the phone, I got confused and thought I have to go to "Applanet" which takes forever to load and when it does, it just gives me a load of porn apps to choose. So I steer clear of Applanet for a while, and stick with the Market for Android. So far been installing a few apps, and happy the choice I made. 

Also, in term of durability test, mcm dah impromptu test aje tadi. Since Kurap (yes, when got cats blame the cats!) telah menjatuhkan my new phone itu dan phone tu dari 1 menjadi 3. Kaver batteri, battery and the phone itself. Cuak jgn cakap la. Aku takut keyboard berkecai je. LOL. Lesson of the day : Bile mandikan kucing sile letak phone in safe place. The cats got frantic when I am drying them and try to grab on anything, and it got my phone that was sitting on something else. So far, no blemish or any damage to the phone from what I can see. Thank God. Durability test check!

Ohh, before ending this post, at first I was super interested with the SE Xperia X10. All because the phone is super sleek and lovely. Twice, I'd almost buy the phone. But the reviews hadn't been favorable, I really tak berkenan dengan Timescape and Splines itu and the OS updates had not been good, so I decided upon this phone instead. I mentioned before I am trying to make this phone last for at least 2 years. Let's hope I can make this into a reality.

That's that.


chics said...

Best tak android?

Aku nak beli jugak tapi yang aria sebab dia kecik untuk bedmate. Tapi apa gunya telefon android, andrian or whatever kalau line dia macam taik kan?

Still, aku rasa kesian tengok dia pakai fon zaman hitam putih hehe.

Dils said...

I like Android so far. Tapi kalau nak beli for your bedmate, ikut preference die jugak kut.

Kalau die jenis obsess dgn emel keje, mcm better Blackberry. Since email Blackberry aku rase paling bagus compare to Iphone and Android.

Tapi Android ni dari segi web browsing, adalah tersgt2 best. BB nye web sgt pathetic and serupa tak payah ade. Tapi Android ni, dgn lajunye, lawa skrin itu, nak baca pon senang.

Oh... Aria tu lawa. And betul, phone berpuluh ribu tadek line tak guna gak. Hehe, tapi naseb baik la wifi yang pathetic boleh jugak at least ber'Whatsapp'. Jika wifi tu ade.

Some said... la bubuh waktu kiyanly kt jam tu sekali...

Dils said...

Fine. Dah letak dah. Cuma tadek time utk kiyanly. kena letak ashkhabad time. Kiyanly tak wujud dalam system. LOL.

mommy nazeef said...

waaaaaaa...hp baru! prezen sempena tahun baru ke nih??nyum nyum~~

Dils said...

present sempena phone rosak merangkup bribe sebab kena outstation jejauh lama2. :P hehehe.

FrH said...

ni laaa best laki keje jauh mesti wife dpt habuan nak suruh tutup mulut aahahha :P
happy new year beb & enjoy your new phone!!

Cik Seri Darling said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa jelesssssss

ashikin said...

wayyyy much better than sony ericson la. berjangkit ke penyakit ni? pasal mcm dah rasa nak tuka phone jugak.

Dils said...

Frh : Hahaha.. itu la kan. Tak mithali sungguh, tapi mithali tak mithali.

SeriAs: Aku taw ko boleh juaaaa... meh berjumpa aku ade pelbagai idea utk phone android ko boleh pakai..

Shikin: Muchhh better. Memula Sony Ericcson tu je aku mampu. Hehe. Guna 2 phone! Tapi aku trase ko baca sesuwai with Blackberry. Jom jumpa so ko boleh godek phone aku and tgk kalo mahu join Android bandwagon!

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