Friday, January 07, 2011


The title, so shout and short eh.

What I want to update about. Let's do it in bullet points. Easier to think that way! Hait2.
  • Been watching Hotaru no Hikari and loving it. Someone had recommended it to me years before, but I couldn't be arsed to 'dl' the stuffs, then I found the direct download link and been watching the whole series and LOL-ing hard throughout.
  • I am tremendously excited tomorrow because I'll be meeting up with the girlssss... I am always excited when meeting up these batch of friends. And hopefully exploring new place to eat, because we kept on always defaulting to D'Kayu untuk makan? Hoh. 
  • Found 2 manga site to replace onemanga for some of those manga that'd been licensed. The first one I found is ok enough, but the scans job is kinda poor, the other one is excellent all around. The scans is extremely clear. I love it. Nak tahu ? Sile DM saya di Twitter. 
  • And so I am reading Honey & Clover the manga. As per usual the manga isss wayyy better. Seperti Gokusen where the manga > crappy procedural jdo (except for first season). ( I seriously love Gokusen manga and will absolutely buy if I can find it since I'd read it like 3 times all over again ) And I like the heroines enough and I do not feel like slitting my wrist like the last shoujo manga I read ( I refused to remember the crap). 
  • And, I think I would like to buy an external hdd la. Probably next month. Senang untuk bertukar series. I am always behind when it comes to storage technology. When everybody is toting around USB, I am still using floppy disc. Sedih kan. Nowadays, everyone is using external HDD and I am still using USB?
 That's that. I think if sempat this weekend, I'll be searching for a case for my phone. I'd been carrying it around in my tote pouch. I got the pouch for free when I bought Kotex. Walaupon ade "Kotex" in front, (not so tellingly), tapi it is cute, so what the hell eh.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

yes. its because of all those teenage romance books by ahadiat akashah that makes such natural physiological function to be embarrassing.

not that i ever read those books. my wife told me so.

Dils said...

"you can bleed down there? OMG"

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