Friday, January 14, 2011


Maybe I'll  just put Friday for a day for me to be just be random. 

I like waking up today. I woke up and found the 2 makhluk berbulu lying nicely at the side of the bed, waiting for to wake up. I quickly closes my eyes, and found that they seems lazy to care if I woke up. It must be the gloomy cool morning weather. Since usually if they sense I had woken up they'll quickly pounce at me to bring them downstairs so they can eat and pooed and be merry.

Got a busy weekend ahead of me. Few errands to do, that required driving around the Ukay Perdana - Wangsa Maju area. And I hate errands that required me to drive. Aku malas pikir mana nak park. I still firmly believes that I am unable to park properly, even after all these years. And the only mishap I encountered was just with some poor unassuming pillars. Tak gores kete orang lagi setakat ni. So for that I'm thankful.

Going to see ballet tomorrow and gonna be alone. OMG. I hope it does not sucks and I hope people would not wondered why am I alone. Like people care. 

I have incredible amounts of laundry to go to. Washed and unwashed. And I sometimes I think I need to go over my wardrobe and rethink my style, but saying 'my style' is only forcing me to guffaw because I never had any style. I just wear whatever cheap or/and quirky. Or cheap and/or boring. Basically overhaul the wardrobe and try to get rid of clothes I rarely wear. Which is hardddd. I tried that once. It goes like out of 100 clothes in there, only 5 I chose to throw out or give away. And some of the clothes in there I haven't wore for years, but I goes like , I'll wear it. When Dila? When? 

And stop buying clothes as if I can go to a fabulous scenes with because I am facing reality here. I am old. I basically have like 5 friends I regularly go out with and we all like boring stuffs like eating at home and watch series/movies at home. But I like quirky clothes. Maybe I can wear these fabulous clothes at home while watching series while my fab cats spread their fur on my fabulous clothes. Kinda like Heather and Jessica at GoFugYourself always mentioned that they always want to wear floor length sparkling Taylor Swift dress while blogging. Honestly, that will be cooool. And slightly insane. But I totally approve...


taqiyuddin bakir said...

let's go watch disney on ice

Dils said...

I like the merchandise they sold there!

Cik Seri Darling said...

no worry sweetheart. i've walk alone and still do.. altho there are moments i really wish someone is there but hey, being alone gives me another personal chance to see at how the world looks like esp people around u, in reality.. ;)

enjoy the show.. and do share pics of skinny ballerinas to motivate me, DIET.. aiyak!!

lini said...

yes seri n dila..dont afraid walk alone.. just be confident yourself. i did..haha...

kkdg apa yg telah diaturkan oleh yg maha Esa dugaan utk kita sama ada kita leh lalui atau tidak, semestinya byk ganjaran klau kita lalui dgn sabar. Hidup sendiri actually peluang yg diberi kpd kita supaya menghargai apa yg dh ada dpn mata ni,lebihkan masa utk family n etc...but "when not single" ofcourse ur husban first. :))

Dils said...

Woi woi.. apesal nasehat korang ni macam utk orang yang mati laki ni. *touchwood 10x* *mintak simpang jauh2*.

Hahaha. Aku baca dan terasa morbid okeh.

Tapi ye.. ok je alone. Suke je jalan sana sini sorang2, cuma time tgk2 mende2 fancy events ni rase mcm ish ish... takpe. Asal aku dapat tgk skali dalam hidup live professional ballerina.

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