Monday, January 17, 2011

An intro to ballet for Dils

Last Saturday, I got to watch ballet.

There were no picture of the performance because you are not suppose to take pics of course and aku pergi sensorang aku malas nak camwhore kat area Istana Budaya.

Nah gamba poster. Pic credit to :

It was amazing to see the ballerinas dance. It was not a full ballet performance act. More like a medley. We got several ballet solos taken from several performances from various people. One really long interpretative modern dance kinda thing which bored the hell out of me yet I've got to admit there are some really impressive dance works. I am never going to watch interpretative dance even if they're free. Also we got almost the complete performance of Cinderella, it is more of neoclassical which is kinda fun and beautiful and the heroine was played by a ballerina that kinda reminded me of Summer Glau (and if you nerds don't know, she used to be a ballerina and her first appearance in TV is in Angel playing a ghost ballerina).

All in all, I really enjoyed it. It was amazing. It is like I can't believe the amazing gracefulness, energy that they got to leap and prance and just dance. Even the male ballet dancers. (Are they called ballerinas, because if you say ballerinas stick thin girls with pink tutu came to mind). I mean looking at them, you can't say they look effeminate at all. In fact the tight. The tight. THE TIGHT! You can see every contour on the legs clearly (and my sit is like 5 rows from the stage), and when the guy went to the edge of the stage to play their character I am too embarassed to look because OMG I want to stare if they are wearing cup or if I can see their 'wood' clearly. The thing is male ballet dancers are incredibly hot, looked sexy and masculine, especially the tight wearing one. (ehem, especially the Japanese ballet dancer who is incredibly incredible and have the cutest buttock I ever seen. I imagine firm too. But enough objectifying, he is really talented even to my amateurish eyes. Based on the amazing applause he gets, I must be right or the women there agreed with me wholeheartedly with my other views). Haha. I sound like a horny audience, maybe I am, tapiiiiii bile di depan mata harus lah tengok. 

Ok. So end to my panting after hot ballet dancers. This now makes me a fan of ballet. I was never bored (except for the modern dance). It really was beautiful. I love it. I noticed at Istana Budaya calendar programme they got another ballet performance which is the popular Swan Lake on May. I am so there.

p/s: Mula2 ingatkan nak gabung sekali entry pasal buku dalam post ni, tapi tak sempat dan panjang dah post ni. Later. If I remembered or kerajinan melanda.


Obefiend Weiland said...

i missed this

actually wanted to watch some ballet after watching Kanye Video

suddenly fascinated by the leg movement

Dils said...

Eh. I think I mentioned in Twitter. You must not be online then kut.

There's always the bln 5 one. I am looking forward to that. Swan Lake and Tchaikovsky scores.

Obefiend Weiland said...

u kidding......

SWAN LAKE? i love the soundtrack!

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