Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Tuesday


I had just made an arrangement with the boarding to board the 2 cats for the CNY. The more expensive one sebab aku malas pikir. But for my other planned long holiday, dedua makhluk berbulu have to do with the least expensive one aje ok.


My arms adalah sakit sebab ghairah duk main Wii Tennis. I won a Wii in the office lucky draw last week. Squeal. Squee. Such good luck because I had just been contemplating to buy one. I was jumping up and down when receiving the prize. The grand prize was an Ipad. I could care less. But katakan if I won an Ipad, terima ajelah dengan hati terbuka bukan?. The Wii is the runner up. I had been eyeing it when I noticed it on the table. Imagine my glee when my number is called. Woot woot!

Dan dengan itu my brothers adalah also super excited and he will be house sitting and cat sitting this weekend while I am away to Penang for jimba-jimba. He can now spend uninterrupted hours playing Wii Tennis.

Cats and Wii!
Still in topic of Wii, kucing-kucing adalah annoying when I played. I put the coffee table away so I have ample space to move around. But when the cats saw the empty space, both of them lie spread eagled on the middle the floor. And so it is like I had not put away the table because in place of the table is now the 2 cats. Staring at me balefully while lying down. Daring me to step on them while swinging the hand console. Salah seekor sudah menjadi mangsa kena pijak. But she still do not want to move.


I am just about to finish the Grimms Fairy Tale. It'd been a long journey for me to read those. Since it is a collection of short stories, so you don't really care to finish it at one go. Also Grimm's is just nice for the before to bed read since one story length is just about one page and half in average. I couldn't review Grimm's because there are hundreds of story in there, and some I had already forgot. It all seems the same since many stories seems to repeat itself.

p/s: Sebab malas most of the pics is directly from my tumblr.


Anasfadilah said...

suka gambar si fasha tu.cantik

Dils said...

Fasha memang photogenic.

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