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Sundays at Tiffany's & Necrophenia

It'd been quite some time since I posted some poor ass excuse of a review for books I'd read.

Let's get rolling~

I will start with Sunday's at Tiffany's.

I started the book on Monday kut and finish today. Super fast because it is a light fluffy read. The story tagline is something like " What if your imaginary friend was your one true love."

The summary goes like Jane is a love deprived girl who used to have an imaginary friend name Michael. When she grew up, she meet her imaginary friend again and fall in love.  (the summary is longer than that, but that's the summary of the summary)

Now that tagline itself captured me because all of those planned novels I planned to write when I feel like writing them (which is like never), one of the novels reminisce to this. So I am intrigued. Will the story is similar to how I envision mine would be? Would the story be delightful, lovely, haunting? I bought the book without discounts and in full price of RM34.90. I wonder why the books that I bought without discounts usually turn out to be disappointing books while RM10 books seems to surprise me.

And I am getting ahead of myself here. Yes, I am disappointed by the story. Maybe because I had high expectations to it. I expected that a published writer would surpass my expectations on what I expected on how this kinda story unravels. That sounds complicated, but totally what I meant.

When my sister asked what I think of the book? I mentioned "Weird". It's weird. And when I finished reading the book another word came to mind : "Cheesy". I wondered if James Patterson or the co-author Gabrielle Charbonnet are suitable to write about romance. Because everything fell flat in the book. The characters, the descriptions, the feelings. Writing romance is different from crime procedurals I guess. There are so much lacking here.

I never have any sympathy for Jane or Michael. I don't feel the closeness of their bond even though it seems to stress upon this point consistently throughout the book. In fact I kept on thinking, 'ehh it seems like weird'. When they came together, it seems abrupt. Basically I don't feel butterflies or even a tinge of a single butterfly flap which makes the whole experience of reading romance novels as flat. I like reading romance. I like the tentative first kisses. I like the passionate clash of first kiss. Those makes me happy. Reading it here, I'm like 'meh'. 

The good point, the book does not meanders. It goes on. It knows the plot, it goes from one scene to another seamlessly. It asked you to suspend disbelief. Just go along with the ride. I am down with that. I can take a most ridiculous story with the most ludicrous plot and read it and believe it. And it is a light fluffy read. Great for the in between times when you are stressed out. However a romance novel that can make a reader goes "Meh" is not a good romance novel reading experience make.

Now for Necrophenia. How do I start.

I started to read the book in November. I finished it last week? Maybe it was due to my past hectic work in December but I was a slow reader for this book. I can only manage a page or two for a day.

A summary of the plot I carelessly lifted from some website that actually lifted it from the back of the book:

ONE IN EVERY THREE PEOPLE LIVING IS ACTUALLY DEAD! It is a matter of historical record that during the latter part of World War II, England's top-secret Ministry of Serendipity enlisted the services of arch-magician Aleister Crowley to create a Homunculus. Why? Well that's a long story, spanning almost seven decades as it follows the life and career of Tyler, rock star, private eye - and notable for the fact that he almost saved Mankind. The cast of millions also includes ukulele maestro George Formby, Mick Jagger, Mama Cass, Elvis Presley and Lazlo Woodbine. And Tyler's brother, Andy, who impersonates animals (and who single-handedly brought about the Swinging Sixties). And a lady named Clara from Croydon, who unlocked the meta-phenomena of the Multiverse. And a corner shopkeeper from Brentford, who created a sitting room for God. And a great many living dead. Oh yes, and it also involves a monster in human form whose intention it is to turn the Earth into a Necrosphere, a planet totally devoid of life

If you are bewildered reading the summary above, you should try reading the book. Many mentioned it as funny. It does have its funny moments occasionally. But the plot. Dear God, where do I start. 

Let me say this. I believed that the author write this book while he is all cracked out from cocaine and high from weeds and drunk from whiskey. All at the same time. Maybe he's not. Maybe when he type the story he wrote it in a posh office while smoking pipes during the winter with a hot tea beside the computer, but that is the impression that I got when reading it. 

It absolutely meanders. It goes from one point to another point, needlessly long. It rambles on and on and on. It started with Tyler when he was in school then without realizing it, you yourself are unsure how long the time had passed and Tyler are not too sure too. Tyler is not likable, but he is not meant to be likable, but there is no other characters for you to hang on to except Tyler. And Tyler himself is flung from one point to another helplessly to his and my indignation. And by the middle of the book, I myself am not sure what's going on and just give up and just read. I really can't describe the story because it really does goes from one place to another in a dizzying speed without reason or explanation.

It is not a traditional book. The writing is stellar but prepare to go on a ride. I was bewildered reading the book. Throughout the book. While I mentioned at my review for Sundays at Tiffany that I can take a ridiculous plot. I do, but maybe this is too much of a ridiculousness for me. I had not yet give up Robert Rankin yet. Maybe I'll try another book by him. This book; like the character love to say in the book, speaks too much toots for my taste. 

I am however intrigued for the male readers like rearrange or obefiend. If they read this book, can they go on reading it and would they enjoy it?

p/s: I edited somethings afterwards sebab ade macam ayat tertinggal. Maklumlah. Blogging senyap2 time opis hour.


Obefiend Weiland said...

on a side note

mana tempat yang constantly Rm10 books. suddenly i feel the urge for some Robert Ludlum and Crichton lah

by the way

Rm10 books lagi best. maybe pasal expectation low. when its good u hepi. When buy full price books u expect it to be worth 3 McD value meals. If dont rasa macam nak bakar je the book

case in point Matthew Riley. I hate the guy buy I know u suka his books


Dils said...

Well, Payless usually have Crichton books at RM12 or RM15.

As for the rm10 books, I usually stumbled into book sales. Sometimes I catch some news from other bloggers that there are some book sales (Times warehouse book sales are kinda nice too). Sometimes Amcorp Mall nye fleas market got some cheap books if you rajin cari, can also cari some RM10 books at Book Xcess there.

Which reminded me that I'm planning to go to Amcorp Mall in a few weeks time for some bargain shopping.

[re-arrange] said...

br pasan ada link to this post. LOL! aku slowpoke.

aku rasa... that kinda book aku tak bley abes baca punya. baca summary dia pun aku rasa mcm dah terlalu laju. smpi tak paham.

i easily lose interest to books that i can't follow the pace. too meander can kill the joy :P

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