Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You give love a bad name.

I used to like Bon Jovi. Back in the days when they are singing that song above, Always, Blaze of Glory. Yeah, I am an oldies rock kinda gal. Now when they are yowling on "Thank you for loving me".. and stuff , I felt like flinging the radio out of the windows. I dunno if they are mellowing to be singing like a boy band playing in a band or I just hate stupid love songs considerably.

Anyway. Love already have a bad name. It is only further stink by peoples around us when they dissapoint us in the name of love. Or something to that effect.

So of all lamentations and watching the Bachelor series, I gotta say this have to be the shortest Bachelor relationship ever. I meant the episode had just ended last week. And they had broken up. It seems like they failed to ignite the sparks that we are unsure if we even see this during the Bachelor series stint. Gasp. Maybe Effi is right. He is gay in spite of this. He just want to go to Paris and lived in a chateau for a short while. That must be it.

So hurray to love and for peoples looking for it. It is just as easy to find and threw in it a mud and step on it for it to be dirtied. Am I feeling outraged that this couple split? No. It is to be expected. Love ain't a fairytale, after all. It is an everyday thing.
But lets not philosophised on it, again. I had done it to death already.

And you know something. Sometimes men are such arse. Some men, then. ( Or the barbarians will go and threw hatchet at me) They went all macho like , blowing smoke from their ciggies , thump each other back and howl with laughter over a glas of teh tariks. Then if it come that time when they get all insecure and tell that if not to their girlfriends or to the girls who are available over sms or YM. What? You gonna deny you never get insecure? Yeah right (sniggers can be heard from each corner of the earth). Lament lament on how worthless they feel, their friends do not care about them , that girl ignore them, life is hard, felt like killing self by driving car over the bridge or whatever.

We girls of course build with bigger estrogen so genetically somehow it is supposed to infuse us with more sympathy substance, will pat their ego, saying No No, the world loved you, we loved you, all natures are actually in rythmn being in love you. Something like that.

Then they got back their friends or girlfriends, then we are suddenly facing the days alone counting the bytes in and out of our computer due to sheer boredom. I know. I will married my computer.

Wait. Okay. Maybe that can or cannot be the case. But then, what about when we want to pour our inner beings. I can talk to the stray cats beyond my house and they will understand or at least look at me sympathetically. To them? Nah. That is now as I understand can be considered laughable. If they even took you seriously. If not, they will dismiss you. Or like Uh.. I know but I think it is better if you talk this over to someone else. Or just sigh.

Hey, I love you. You know that. I meant you uncomplicated beings. Girls and cats everywhere.


Zer0k3wL said...

Ouch! big blow to the male race here..did we really do that bad ? Bad patches always make a view go biased or wayward these days. At times I would say the whole thing should be negligible, but in this case - you do have a point.

Isnt't there any ray of sunshine for the male race to work with here dila ? kesian dohh kami..

Dila said...

Its like a compilation here from all those years.

Ah well.. sunshine? Lets be done with thunder and rainstorm first.

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