Monday, March 06, 2006

Flickering on again.

I am bored. I have a headache. I am a tad bit irritated by peoples today.

My stimix (streamyx) is back on this morning. Yeay. On Thursday it suddenly died on me. The connection in showing all fine and marvellous. Then suddenly, when I even tried to connect to even, it came up with "The Page Cannot Be Displayed". I tried again. The computer shut itself and the light behind me flickered. Weird. Reminded me of my attempt to get the computer connected to modem last month at JB, and when I turn the modem on and off, the computer restarted itself. If I want to shut down the computer? No need to press on Shut Down. Just tap on the modem button, and the computer will turn itself off. Stupid computers kept on playing prank with me.
Not to mention I had somehow use the QuickClean and deleted the torrents file of all my currently downloading file. Blargh~ Stupid function. Even though I had chosen for it to ignore that particular files, it still managed to happily clean up my folder. I have to search and start it all over again.

I got so sick of it all in the weekend and since I am not that hot and bothered to get to the Internet, so I couldnt care less. Let somebody else called the Streamyx helpline and get all irritated. But the the bored level is unbelievable. So I managed to see one DVD of all the DVDs that had been bought and pinjam and curi from all this time. Not to mention my sister remarked, "Why are you suddenly lepaking watching TV ?" To which my other sister informed "There is no Internet to amuse her."

Yes. I must be a geek. An ultimate geek who's life revolves around the computer. Now that is just pathetic. Needs to find more hobbies to make life less pitiful.


ska_ocean said...

i can see how freak you are with those internet things eh, dils?
i mean, no matter how suck the bandwidth are to me, how fool they played me, i still could be entertained with my CD collections... gwahahahah!
maybe you should try on some musics... (just a suggestion girl..)

Dila said...

They breathe me life. Bwahaha. Heh,

Music can be a tad bit depressing sometimes to me. So, rather watch something.

Maybe will go on a hunt to buy some DVD series ....

kunci hilang said...

where can he 'curi' the DVDs too?

Dila said...

from friends and families house under the pretense of borrowing

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