Monday, March 27, 2006

Hello, Monday. Go Away.

Yawn. Tired out. So there's goes another weekend. And it is Monday. Blergh. I hate Monday. You had to drag yourself out of bed to go to work. On the way to work, you are crying inside because it is the start of 5 non-fun relatively tiring days. Gaah. Peoples always were so busy on Monday, since they need to do things they put off doing on Fridays. We are more harried, stressed out, feeling like wanting to stay in bed and be fat until only a tractor can get you off your room. Did I say again I hate Monday?

My weekend is.. well. Not as what I want it to be. Okay. So I change my blog template. Do you know the insane number of colors to choose from? I like purple or pink. You know. Girly stuffs and a whole of that crap. But I am slightly nauseous looking at those really cheerful flowery template. So there. I meant here. I guess I let it be until Blogger ate my coding again.

Saturday. I dyed my hair red. Muahaha. Finally get around of doing it. The hair stylist eyebrows shot up when I opted red. He looked at me like I am some kinda insane person. What is wrong with red? I quickly corrected myself saying not the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kinda color. Dark wine. I looked at myself in the mirror when the stylist is shaking his conconction for my hair. (That sounds so wrong in a few levels). I had to do this. You know. Whatever. Right?

It is kinda like, I am the kinda person, when had made up her mind, by hook or by crook she is gonna do it. This is the reason what keeps me going on to give Lan's Petronas girl his number? I could not, not do it. It would haunt me. The ifs.

Well anyway I came home and nobody in my family noticed at first. Hey.. it IS noticeable. If I gain 0.5 kg they would immediately point it out. But I dyed my hair red? Nooo sirree. I informed my brother and he just laughed. My mom went "Huh.. really? Nampak sama aje."

Hurmph. So much of trying to look different. Maybe I should went with the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind look after all. Or tattoo my face.

Sunday. I wanted to stay in. Kemas few things here and there. But everyone is going to the Book Fair and get lunch. Not wanting to starve and the thoughts of cheap books. Haih.. I'll go.

They are a lot of peoples. But not as unbearable as the UMNO gathering. You can still at least, breathe. When searching for the Book Fair at PWTC, we heard that you need to register yourself to get in. That does not make any sense. Pushing my ways through, I found out there is 2 big events ongoing at PWTC today. The direct selling exhibition thingies and Book Fair. The registration is for the direct selling. So we get lost for a while and were dumbfounded to see the many many slimming, beauty products in 1 room. It turned out you need to walk like 3 miles to get to another hall for the book fair.

It was as what you might expect. The education and encycloepadia are the one prevalent. We had to go to the far corner of another hall to get to the novels. I think they are like only 2 booths which have novels. Pay Less Book and I forgot the other one. Another popular second hand bookshops. I forgot its name. The Pay Less booth is quite ok. Their promotion are like Buy 1 Free 1 , or Buy 2 Free 1. The book price is as its bookshop usual price. But it is kinda hard to find a decent author. Here and there Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark (which we had borong it all, so if you guys are looking for it at that booth, you need to look a tad bit harder) , Richard North Patterson, Michael Crichton. The other authors? I just closed my eyes and jab my fingers to choose some of the books. Altogether I bought around 8 books. Some are the from the authors above, some are just books I pick randomly. Same genre. Thriller, disease, serial killers. The usual.

Yeah. I need books to nourish my soul or that kinda nonsense. Okay. No. I just like to nourish myself WHILE reading books.


obefiend said...

as expected the book fair was a downer. why do people always assume we want encyclopedia and think education books? that is so 1988. we can get our encyclos from WIKIPEDIA and education books? please..... stay away from me!

why didnt u go for the full on kate winslet red dragon lady look! that would look super hip on you. u just missed an opportunity to stand out in the crowd girl!

by the way.. red tinted hair are usually hadly noticable. an ex girlfriend once coloured her hair red. she asked me;

"see anything new on me?"
" pushup bra ke? HAHAH"

honest to god i never notice the hair usually look kinda reddish under the sun.. thus "tak perasan"..

Dila said...

Yeah, I kinda expected that too. I guess Ampang Point will always held a soft spot for me in term of cheap books or rental.

I guess it is right, not so noticeable unless I stand in some kinda light that enhance it. Oh well, there is always another time. Or another color.

But if I went to that Kate Eternal Sunshine extent, some might think that girl are trying too hard to be like the Japanese harajuku girls. Minus the miniskirt and long striped stockings.

iceroll said...

aiii abih la kite akan diabaikan. die dah ade kekasih baru dah...

Dila said...

Bukan. kekasih lama kembali.

kunci hilang said...

Oh, i like this sentence: 'We are more harried, stressed out, feeling like wanting to stay in bed and be fat until only a tractor can get you off your room.'

Fren, another fren of mine once wrote this:
'monday????? urghhhhh.. berat betul nak bukak mata hari ni. tapi kalo tak mulakan hari ni, cemana nak tiba hari rabu, kan?'

cheer up! Whatever day it is, it's ur own life anyway.

Dila said...

Monday, will always be Monday no matter whose life. Heh.

Ah yes, but tomorrow is Wednesday. Chirpy Chirp.

Snubby, Don of Anime said...

redhead dila????

WOW!!! Aku suke org rambut merah2 nih. Turn on wa cakap sama lu!!

Terpakselah aku ngorat ko dila. Bleh ek? Bleh ek? Nyeh2.

Dila said...

Turn on? Ish ish ish.

Kalo purple mcm mane laks?

Bole aje, bisa diatur.

Dila said...

Turn on? Ish ish ish.

Kalo purple mcm mane laks?

Bole aje, bisa diatur.

obefiend said...

knowing him.. he will be TWISTED ON.

purple hair is normally associated with animes.. snub = anime

do the math.. ehehe...

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