Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hey, I noticed that!

Peoples sometimes have this uncanny ability to develop a third or fourth eyes. Our mom and teachers have that all the time. The ability to know we are snoozing or doodling something when we are supposed to do some Maths exercise. Before we reach that level, sometimes we do have that ability.

You can called it as 'perasan'. Don't you ever get that tingling sensation that someone is watching you when you are laughing with your friends. Or when you are at the far end of the corner at the cafeteria you know that other person who is on the other side of the cafeteria is looking at you. Its kinda hard to beat that feeling away. You will start thinking, what? Does the person like you? Or do you dress funny today? There is a stain at my shirt? I usually get the wrong impression that peoples are sniggering at me. Ahh.. well another proof of my low self esteem. Or maybe it is right? Peoples do sniggered at me? Baahh. Push that aside. But sometimes you might be wrong. That other person is looking at the person at your back. Or just staring blankly in your direction. Or you might really have a tear at the back your pants. When you realized that, you will red-facedly stalk yourself away from his/her eye gazing areas.

I used to care a lot what peoples think about me. Now I could't give much a hoot. (I put much, so I do care a bit). I find out by sticking earplugs in hearing my mp3 list playing, I am in another world. Therefore the state of 'perasan' days ceased.

Last week however. I was riding the PUTRA Lrt to my workplace. As usual embarking from Setiawangsa station, there is no seats. I chose to stand in front of the seats. To pass time, I fiddled around with my Beanie to search for non-depressing songs. It is high time I change my playlist I thought to myself. When we are nearing the Ampang Park, I looked ahead and noticed the guy standing next to me is checking me out. I don't mind guys checking my plain self out. Please do, but do it sparingly and with good manners. But he is obviously checking out my.. ah well.. chest area. He then realized that we are in a dark area where reflections of ourselves are apparent as day and he saw from the reflection I am watching him 1/3 amused, 1/3 grimly, 1/3 shame facedly . I raised my eyebrow and he looked embrassedly, stonily ahead.

Now... Ah well. It just showed that some guys need to hone their skills on checking out girls more. And don't give me that crap about girls wearing tight fitting clothes. My clothes was definitely loose fitting that day.


Dila said...

test sepam

The Other Side of Dila said...

test lagi dan lagi *loop*

obefiend said...

test one more pump.. FLUSH.. oh yeah the big corn encrusted floater is gone now

ok new bowl.. new toilet seat!!

call me perasan .. tak kisah but i always notice people staring at me. i dont know why. i would then turn my head to another direction so that i wont look at them. this always happen in LRT and COMMUTER.

so one fine day i decided to conduct an experiment. day one just me with my crappiest clothes.. still people stare. day two" me and my finest threads.. same result. day three" me wearing a cap.. ditto. day four: normal clothing sans a paperback novel. RESULTS! people no longer stare at me

so i now know why people stare at me! because i read in the komuter and LRT. come to think of it its quiet rare to see people reading them. maybe pasal orang ingat kita menunjuk

"gee i can read english! i'm a star"

Dila said...

Probably there have no reading materials. So they try squint at yours. I think I liked to do that too.

But what I noticed ar, rarely see a Malay guy reading books in LRT. Newspaper lots. Mostly gals la who is cluthing a novel in the train. But Malay guy? Can't say I remembered one. Probably once kut. Reading a textbook. Don't count. Probably a geek showing off or got a test in the next few hours.

Snubby, Don of Anime said...

effi ko salah!

org stare ko pasal... ko terlalu bising dan pelik!!!

cara jalan masuk keretapi pon dah invite org punye attention. Care ko balas pandangan org lain pon mcm nak gado. Care ko berdiri pon nampak tinggi.

Sape tak pandang ko...huhuhu.. sekian observation aku selama satu hari bersama ko di dlm LRT arituh.

zye said...

oh, sy ske stare org dlm LRT =3

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