Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The shop had now closed

I went out with a friend. Part boredom and feeling very Florence Nightingale-like forced me to accept his invitation to watch movies.

I knew it was a disaster from the start when he opened the car door for me. I told that to some of my friends, and they went like "Eleh, cakap je tak suke skang nanti-nanti suka la". Only one person laughingly immediately said , " That is definitely not to your liking,". He should know.

Anyhow, it was not that bad. But I was bored out of my mind. I S.O.S my friends to send me messages. I was even considering bolting. Since yours truly is of course the epitome of good manners, so I just grit my teeth and go through it.

I wouldn't mind so much that the guy is telling me about his ex-girlfriend which is not so coincidentally was getting engaged that day. But haih, if in the first place you want my opinion, learnt to deal with it la. The girl had the impudence to actually beg my still besotted friend that it is still time. You think this is Hindustan movie ar gal? I don't know much about the girl. But from what little I heard, I know she ain't good news. I asked him to stay away, which is when he looked at me blankly. What good meaning intentions girl will MMS the pictures of herself with her engagement dress to the person who still love her? But I can see a lost cause when I saw one. I should know. I looked at it in the mirror every day.

So i left him texting his beloved while the peoples in the Hainan shop is probably wondering why am I gleefully texting my friends in order to save my sanity.

It was not that bad actually. The food was great. The movie was marvellous. I love V for Vendetta so much. Yet , there is something missing. I guess both of us don't enjoyed the outing so much. One is thinking about a girl who is now wearing an engagement ring. While another one, is just wishing she is at home, watching anime. There was nothing remotely romantic in it. I felt like I was in a business trip. I was in fact business like. Throughout the day, I pointed out which restaurant is nice and which is not. Which is expensive and which is worthwhile . A business trip where I had to hear and listen and be the good friend in order to let someone forget.

But that role is fast losing the appeal on me. I am tired of being there for guys who had their heart broken. They were never there for me. Haih, I guess I am becoming old. Where I am now am only comfortable with my tiny circle of UTPIAN friends in KL and Bangi and Damansara (ye, ye. Ganu and Klate oso count) and my older friends in JB.

Putting yourself out there? It is scary and full of dissapointment. I believe


Anonymous said...

Dear florence nightingale,

I just broke up with my girl. What should I do? Can we meet?

You friend in need.

Zer0k3wL said...

OMG..dila..u went out for a date ?!!? nice...

Weird guy though, experienced in having a girl by his side previously, didnt comply to the 1st rule of dates/casual outings/hookups however which is never talk bout ex-flames, ex-thiss, ex-that etc2. Being broken hearted even, he would have been better off saying or doin something else to throw off the feeling than continously spilling it out. That being the main aim when goin for an outing with a fall-on person - take your mind off whatever incident that had occured.

Being a fall-on person is always noble, helping others when they're down and out. Believe in karma and things you do good wlll always return well back, one way or the other that is. You've gotta give abit to get back some right ? Cheers dila for doin the right thing.

I forcast many happy returns :)

Dila said...

Dear Iceroll,

Unfortunately Florence Nightingale had just resigned from her noble position. Her previous vacant place is now being replaced by Ice Queen a.k.a Mistress of Evil that can befell Men.


Zerokewl: Ah, I am well aware I was there becoz he was brokenhearted. But I guess being noble can be a tad bit tiring.

I hope so too I can get more great returns. But definitely not from him.

obefiend said...

i return the favor by putting ur link on my page and also this comment ( typed fully clothed mind you)

i totally understand how the bloke felt.. some women think their eexes can just forget them like its yesterdays bellybutton lint. kesian the fellow

by the way

when ur bored this OVERFIEND is free. need to meet fellow blogger and discuss our writing habit and quirks

Dila said...

Obefiend: Tq for the favors. :p I will return the favor too by putting in ur link. Tonite I guess. When finishing my all new template.

Yeah, in this case its the gal who's well, the devil here.

Huhu, but Gahh.. If only he have some spine.

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