Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Conclusion - Bachelor

I hadn't manage to download the latest episode yet. But I guess I will for my sister, who is hooked seeing it too. Ahh.. family shares more than just genes I guess.

Anyway.. The conclusion, Dr. McDreamy, I meant the Travis Stork Bachelor Season 8 chose the nearest girl he can access to which is Sarah. The girl who lived just half a mile from his house. Accessible, easy to date, no telephone bill expenses, convenient, an easy to maintain girlfriend while juggling a job as a Resident ER doctor.

I didn't mention Sarah before aight? Wholesome sweet girls that seems kinda like the perfect mother, perfect daughter, perfect niece, perfect teacher and friend. Bit perfect. I don't think she's that beautiful anyway. Just nice looking, pretty, girl next door. But make up can make anyone look beautiful. Hey, gave me an army of make up artist and stuffs, and they will transform a train wreck like me to a girl you can only dream about. Illlusion, baby. It is all just your eyes playing trick on you.

But I like Sarah because she is not all weepy and moony like Moana had become. Sobbing in the video saying how much she liked him. Hey, I can't promise I won't sob too if I were to tell a guy I like him, but its just too DRAMA for reality shows for me to stomach. But it is fun to watch or viewers would fall asleep. Sarah is the friendship first and you can talk about anything kinda girl. Nice. At last a guy who is not looking at boobs. Wait maybe she does have that too. (smack own head) Of course la, or she wouldnt be chosen in the first place.

Well, dunno la if the happy couple will stay together or not. The Bachelor word at the end, sounded like dating-first-i-wont-promise-anything-but-there-is-a-big-probability-i-will-dump-you. But I guess she will have an advantage if she will be dumped compare to other ordinary girls. More guys would notice her.

Hey , I did not post any weekly updates. First episode and last episode only.


obefiend said...

hmm a guy who does not look at boobs.. is he really a guy. prolly gay thus the promise of i-may-dump-you-after-the-show-and-make-more-news-coz-i'm-really-gay!

hmm.. real men love boobs! NO LIE!

Dila said...

Haha, I accept that explaination I guess, since I am not a REAL MEN.

But do you dare to go to this extent?

iceroll said...

Size does matter u know

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