Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I was writing a rant . Ranting about how depressing life is and how hysterical I had become now.

It sounds so dreary and bleurgh~ I just decided to hit CTRL + A and delete all.
I wonder what I want to write?
Let's imagine that you readers actually care what I going to write. What do you peoples wanted to learn about me? What is the thing that you enjoy listening to? Or am I just too boring for you guys to even care? I am tempted to command you guys to come and tell me, what do you want to hear. But then, maybe the truth will be too terrible for me type or hear.

Anyway, I had a dream yesterday. Yeah, if all else fails, or life get too boring, there is always my dream.

Anyway again, I dreamt of 2 peoples. (I am not included in these dreams ) Damn! Herm.. okay Choronological based summary then peoples.

I dreamt that this guy are attracted to this tall (that definitely ruled me out of the dream), dark haired looking person with a full red mouth and dark sultry eyes. He went and tekel her ar like that. She is hostile at first but quite amused with the guy which slowly thaw her out. Like all lousy fairy tales, she proceed to fall in love.

Most of my dreams have some kind of a sick twisted plot in it right. This is not that sick and twisted. More like weird. It turned out she is a witch. ( I had been watching too much of Bewitched and Charmed )

So of course being beautiful , aloof and all, the other girls hated her. So they went and staged Carrie-like pranks. No pig blood. Milder than that.

One day they have a functions. It is held in something that look like a school gymnasium, (mcm stadium tertutup tu) and the guy ask the girl to dance right in the middle. The guy is dense in spite of his good look. When they just started to dance, suddenly the girls in the sidelines seat stood up and said "You are not welcome here," and "You are a freak, get the hell out of here" and one of the girl reach out for a pole and throw it at the girl. Then the dark haired person , showed her superpower . By just a wave of her hand, the pole is thrown back at the wall.
She looked angrily around her and at her so called boyfriend who stuttered and obviously so dense that he doesnt do anything. A feeling of betrayal came and she chose the guy to be angry at. Without saying anything she stalked out of there. The boyfriend followed but was suddenly blocked by a horse which she had conjured. I have no idea why a horse. The horse is white and have wings , and have a torch slung at its back. Its wing looks like clouds.

When he get around the horse, he noticed she is gone. He then ride the horse and take the torch to search for her. The horse seems to know where to go. It flew up and up the air towards the cloud. You could not see the difference between its wings and the clouds anymore. It then suddenly as by magic brought him to a mansion .He went into the mansion without second thoughts.

In the mansion, a big ol lady came to greet him. Smiling toothily , she said

"The girl is here. But look around"

All around him where animated miniatures dolls where each of them have their own miniature house. The dolls all look alike. Only the colours and the style of the dress are different.

"One of them is your girl. But you can only choose once. Only one time. If you had chosen the wrong doll, you must leave and never come back. You would never see her again."

He look around again while all these miniature dolls are moving around. House to house. Cleaning up their little rooms, baking cookies.


kunci hilang said...

you watched so long in your dream.
I can't.

Unta@Jitra said...

weird... ur dream seemed sooooo real... langsung xsame cam mimpi2 aku...

mimpi2 aku slalunye terlalu karut dan terlalu caca merba... kejap2 aku kt utp, kejap2 aku kt sekolah aku, kejap2 aku kt rumah... hahahaha

nntkan novel underground aku pasal mimpi... thriller baby... in english :)

kechi said...

marilah kita bermimpi.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

sambung2...tak syok baca xde ending...

Dila said...

Kunci Hilang: yeah... I tend to like my dreams so I treat it like a free movie while sleeping.

Unta: haha, tu ade jugak. Tapi jarang la . Kisah thriller la yg mnariks.

Haha.. mcm aku ade jugak (mimpi sambung2) tapi chenta~

Ned : Slalu saje aku bermimpi. Jaga mahupun tidur. Huhu. Am an ultimate dreamer.

anonymous : Heh, stay tuned.

Santeria said...

I have a dream, my dream is to have a dream.(Scary Movie 3)

Dila said...

I definitely have lots of dreams

nobody need to know said...

i had always wanted to remember my dreams and tell other ppl..

but somehow i got to this point where i can't remember what happened next or i had it in my head it but i can't deliver it to other ppl.. *stuck*


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