Friday, March 31, 2006

LRT Inconveniences

Blardy bureaucracy and red tapes. I asked for an access to a lousy tool pon have to go through 3 levels of Support not to mention approval of a higher Manager. Only to be thrown back again in my face, saying this Inbox are reserved for a higher being (Higher Level Executive). Then why in the first place u gave me that email address? Idiotic moronic... thingies.So now, I have no idea where to turn to. Until my manager will again ask, "Dila... have you get that login yet?" I will then lie shamelessly. (Note: The opening is just a sidenote for my frustration :P . For someone who are lost reading my blog )

Rides in the LRT can really shows our Malaysian colors. I am not saying other countries are better than us. I had been to MRT, Underground and WTH is the name of the trains in Barcelona. The crowds are pretty decent. But of course I may be mistaken since I avoid the rush hour then and are so travel happy. Anyhow, no inconsiderate behaviors experience with these electric train outside of Malaysia, yet. Well, discounting the drunk, homeless ol man sleeping in the Underground train in a pool of his own piss.

Some peoples just don't know good manners. Few nights back, I went back by LRT. As usual by 10 p.m., only 1 counter is opened, thus a long queue at the booth. I chose to use the Ticket Machine (Okay, I have no idea what it is called. I called it the Ticket Machine for obvious reason). Pulling out my purse, next to my machine a harried looking man is holding a crumpled RM1 note, asking peoples around him for a change. The Ticket Machine must have spat out his crumpled note.

I am of course always an angel and being a girl, our notes is always crisp and wrinkle free and our coin pouch is always heavy, (Superman theme song ...please) am there to save a lost soul. ::Cough:: I meant to help. He glanced at me and saw I was willing to hand out the change. He then surprised me by his gruff , barking, commanding voice;

"50 sen, 50 sen !" He looked askance at my old purse while waving his hands frantically to me showing to hurry.

I am a bit astounded, shocked and dumbfounded by such manners. Fishing out the coins from my purse, he then impatiently snatched it from my hands. I waited for him to handed me his RM1 note but he just then proceeded to his machine. Only after getting his ticket, he gave (the operative words here: push it roughly to my hand) me his foul looking , crumpled note. What? Afraid my coins wouldn't spit out your ticket is it? That I have fake coins to give to stranger ? I almost felt like throwing the damn money to his face. Rude boorish behavior.

Hello Mr Man Wearing a Blue Shirt on a Wednesday Night, rudely asking for coins from a girl. Please learn good manners. Not even a thank had been uttered. Never in my life had I ever regretted helping out a stranger. You sir, had make this experience worthwhile. And should I encountered you again asking for a change. You can be damn sure you will get something else from me. A piece of my mind.

Also a lil bit on the inconsiderate peoples in LRT. I was standing one day when a woman holding a toddler walked in. Imagine who gave up their seat? A 50-ish year old looking makcik. All these able bodied girls and guys seating at their comfortable seats who btw look younger than me are busy looking elsewhere. What? You think peoples standing around you don't notice that you are trying hard to avoid your eyes from lingering on the peoples who need the seats?

And what is it with peoples hugging the pole at the middle of the Putra LRT when we can barely stand in the sardine packed container? Excuse me , if I mistakenly grab your ears to steady myself from falling headfirst into your smelly shirt since your whole tub of lard is enveloping the pole , for us to hold on for dear life to.


obefiend said...

a very interesting entry. i was expecting the usual "people rushing into the cab" blog. suprising! such manners! god.. if im you i kicked his oxford shirt wearing ass!

by the way. here is an interesting story

during the thaipusam i was taking the komuter to kl. the train was filled with anes and machas who were on their way back home. at the segambut station an indian makcik and her children boarded the train. since i dont want to be heartless malaysian i gave my seat to the makcik. seating next to me at that time was a rocker. he sat there for a few minutes before finally giving his seat to the makcik's small children. then the guy who sat across me gave his seat to the makcik's other children...

i don't want to sound smug. but i think my small gesture of courtesy encourged my fellow malaysian to be courteous too!!


i dont want to be an ADLIN AMAN RAMLI lrt clone!!

Dila said...

kinda sorry i didnt kicked him meself.

Hahha. I think indeed you did encouraged them. Usually all it take is someone to start it.

kunci hilang said...

finally i know u r quite a nice lady.
Good one.

Dila said...

heh, i aim to please :p

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