Friday, March 24, 2006

This Time Tis My Blog Gone Awry.

I have no idea why. I am unsure if any you are encountering these problems. But some of my friends did tell me they can't get into my blog last night.

When I opened IE, all I got is just a purple page. And when opening up Mozilla, it is just a jumble of html codes.

So i decided to change my template . So all of you guys link will be lost for a while and as so many things. Well no worries. I'll make it as almost per normal again by tonight.

Any suggestions?

Btw, Today Is Freaking Friday!

p/s: This is just a temporary templates. I know I know. Grey is so not my color.


kechi said...

dun mind @ all.. :)

obefiend said...

the same blardyy thing happened to me last week. only in my version on BLOG HELL every single side bar buttons were pushed down to the bottom of the page. and all my customisation were conviniently deleted. i went through the official BLOGGER blog and they went on a hyperbole on how "some hardware mufunctioned" last week

oh well

u better make up ur mind girl. otherwise all the comments will be lost each time u change a template! all thos funny comments ( like this la kot) will be lost! BUGGER

kunci hilang said...

keep it grey!

Dila said...

ned: but i mind. It is mighty hard to go to others link

obefiend: i haven't make up my mind yet, if it will be permanent. No permanent damage yet, from what can be seen.

Only really tired la.. editing the blasted thing.

Kunci Hilang: Ala, kenot la. Grey make it looks so mundane. Then whenever I read own blog, I will feel depress. This will lead me to put in more graphic color like blood red and peoples mutilating themselves.

Definitely not good for me in the long run. said...

OMG...this color is seriously the darken blue shade..good color dila..simply cool!!

4.5 out of 5 stars :)

iceroll said...

this one looks cool. love the part atas template nih, ade gambar pompuan tgh duduk tuh. any chances of keeping this?

obefiend said...

this is more like it!!.. dark cyan.. hmm.. taste like melon when i touch the screen.... i never knew you can transfer taste with binary codes!

haneem@babycomot said...

dila..i miss u lahh!!! i miss my shopping spree wif u day u must accompany me to shop in KL yah..i need more shoes lah!!
take care greeny..heh!

Dila said...

Zerokewl: Ah, I was afraid it was a tad bit much after my really simple blog last time.

Not that much of a fav, but it is nice.

Iceroll: Yeah. The gal pic look nice. One of the reason i opted for this.

Obefiend: Probably you are only hungry at that time. Eatin in cyberjaya high cost bland food must had taken a toll on you.

Aneemot: Haih aneem. Kite org baru balik dari shopping spree. I am broke (but I said that every time I came back from shopping)

Bole bole. Dtg aje KL. Calling2 la ye.

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