Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ain't A Fairytale.. Ain't A Sob Story Either

This ain't a fairytale. You had been warned.

The girl met him one cold dark night. Somebody had pitched to her the idea of eating together with some strangers. Being young and foolish.. she nodded and agreed. She dressed carefully, wearing her dark shroud as usual. Giving her identity as the one as obscurity.

Went to wait by the block with a couple of friends. They discussed on how they might found the strangers. Pleasant? Sneering? Have a sense of humour? Then she saw someone walking towards them in a fast pace. She was never the sort of person that can judge peoples quickly by a first look. Gave him one lookover. Looks cheerful enough. Maybe the night won't be such a bore anyway, she thought.

They went to dinner and she was shocked to found more strangers greeting us... she gave a small smile. Slumped to her seat eating her food ... steeling herself to be oblivious to all by stubbornly sticking her eyes to watch the news even though she can't hear a thing. Later on to the movie. The movie was making her cry, but held herself back from showing so apparent a feeling to a complete stranger. The other girls was laughing, the guys was joking, she was silent. She then did not gave him any more thoughts, nor his friends. Got back to campus in the other car later on.

Going online in the campus, the girl can see everywhere his nick. He is virtually everywhere ::wink:: Nonetheless, she kept to her own circles of friends and stay out of his. How mistaken some peoples misguided intention are.

Forward a year or few months. she then met a guy who she thought made her world go round and round. Typical love story. Guy met gal. Gal fall, guy get flattered and believe him falling too. Then.. as coincidence would have it, the typical guy brought the girl to meet his friends. Little would the girl know how great this chain of events will be. The friends turned out to be the stranger from the long ago night. She laughed at the coincidence and made a truly honest effort to be friends with the friends of her belovedest then.

Forward few months again. The typical guy turns out a failure. Giving the girl misery and unhappiness. She sought comfort in his friends. They understand him, thus understanding on what she were going through. The girl are even more appreciative of these friends. They kept picking her up again and again when she is down and gloomy and don't care a rat ass about own self.

The guy is now history. The friend is now present. He is there when there's no one to help. History repeats itself again and again... Nonetheless he always there to support whatever decision she chooses, no matter how disastrous that turned out. He's there when he knows the girl are crying in agony but are too ashamed to let her feelings known. Sometimes she failed him, and sometimes he failed her.

She is laughing again. Sometimes crying. Sometimes silent. Sometimes sulky. Yet she knows, if she picked up the phone... and called him.. he would always answer in concern. Even if sometimes he is too busy and laughing with his big circle of friends.

This post is specially dedicated to Snubby, a dearest friend.. since he kept on hounding me to say something about him here. Baahh.... hehe... and I guess only you knew when I told you about the great chain of events eh? Now... Snubby..left a comment here so that I know and have proof that you read my 'karangan' (essay)!!!!


Anonymous said...

terharunye aku... tq dila. nice knowing u..really.

iceroll said...

aku pun terharu jugak. sob sob (T_T)

Dila said...


[suff] said...

ahaha... all hail to snubby

CremeBrulee said...

Hail hail!

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