Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sex Education

When will somebody annouce holiday ... I meant state of emergency to KL? Damn, I almost choke when getting out from the office building today. The haze is sooo bad. I do not need to exaggerate since most of you are probably already am choking yourselves while reading my blog.

To get back to the topic above. I bought Cleo today. It is not exactly my monthly read. But I had already exceeded my budget on excessive spending since I am now in a shopping spree looking for niceties even without a discount, so I have to cut down on the book spending. Shocking behavior! Now.. I kept on getting deflected to talk about the topic above.

The first thing I do usually when flipping through Cleo is read the article on She Says and He Says. Entertaining read, really. Then I went to look into the most recommended beauty products...

Okay okay, I will not bore you with my Cleo reading habits. But one my favorite is reading the "Dear {Enter- columnist- cum- adviser- who- probably- never- been- in- psychology- class- pen- name}". It is so fascinating to read peoples griefs and woe stories. Some of em are just plain silly and showy.. you know the type.. that "These 2/3/4 guys really like me... and I do not know who to choose..bla bla". All advise column around the world are filled with these type of problems. Probably columnist had already made a template of the solution. So that is why these type of problem keeps on appearing in the newspaper/magazine. Save the columnist some time.

Cleo also have these Q&A about sex. Now.. this is what I like to read. Because it makes me wonder on how very stupid some peoples are when it came to sex. Something like "We have sex without condom, can I become pregnant?". And when they mention their age, they are about my age! I do not actually condemn them to write in and asked.. since who else can they ask? Our parents? Yeah right. I commend them for posting their question. It sometimes gave really good information... and shed some light on some peoples weird bed behavior. At least they got their answer from a good source. Imagine asking your friends.. it is like the blind leading the blind.

Blind A: " Now.. do you think I should do with the condom or not?"
Blind B: "Naahh.. malu giloz (extremely embarassed) when buying lor, also heard very painful for girl one"
Blind A: "But but... in TV they all do that, it says must have protection"
Blind A: " Aiyooo, you remember or not Biology lesson, have sex right after she finish period and before she start period waannn?"
Blind B: "Can like dat laa?"

Now.. do you find it hard to believe the conversation above? Believe it or not, some of these conversation I had heard before. Not exactly like this.. but 2 or 3 examples crammed into one conversation.

But even then I wondered at some people lack of knowledge. These meant some peoples are ignorant. Ignorant needs to be educated. Even more idiotic, ignorant peoples become falsely knowledgeable and educate other ignorants with idiocy. Now that is why I think Sex Education is a good idea. The argument for Sex Education, is something between a morality and religion issues. The questions posed, will giving peoples information about condom make them more likely to have sex?

To me that is bullshit. Of course condom meant having sex. But if somebody shoved me a boxful of condom, would that make me want to become suddenly sexually active? Hell, no. Even before teenagers know the word condom, they were having sex. That peoples, is actually the more frightening issue here. At my obviously ghetto-like neighbourhood, children as young as 11 had been known to have intercourse!

How fast these kids are advancing ( I shuddered to think when I will have kids). Yet, their lack of knowledge is still the same. And the so called sex education class at our biology/science class is laughable. Of course it is good to know what is scrotum or fallopian tube and how the menstruation cycle work. But thats it. I learnt more from my religious school! Peoples think that religion restrict the mention of sex? The book I was reading had even described on how the husband should make love to the wife!

In our religion upbringing, it is in there we instill the values that we should practice day to day. But other information should also be given into light. And how some venereal disease spreads. How to practice safe sex. Informed that safe sex does not mean not getting pregnant either, it also meant protection against other diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.

Apart from that, how to deflect sexual harassment for the girls. How guys can be more concious that they are causing the girl harm. Where to turn into when something happened; e.g. molested, raped, harassed, untoward behavior by higher authority? You cannot expect a girl of 14 or 15 to know all this. These are all sex education. It is not only the matter of encouraging youngsters to wear rubber.

Now if you were given a knife would you kill?
If you were given a gun would you shoot?
If you were given the rubber would you use?
If you were given information would you practice?
If you were given a chance would you redeem?
And if you were to believe in Him would you fear?

These are then all comes to choices. Only let us relieve ourselves that we had given the best information that they can choose.


iceroll said...

i guess this is it heh? The post u telling me about? Didnt feel like tearing apart one by one pun :P

Anyway about ur post. Me kinda agree with u in this. Sex education is a must nowadays. but the problem is on how to teach?

My opinion, teach during the religion class. During the Muslim goes to Pendidikan Islam class and the non-Muslim goes to the Pendidikan Moral. With this, different syllabus can be implemented.

That's that.

Dila said...

No this is not the post either that I was meaning to post =p

My opinion:
Sex education.. make it like 3 session :
co-ed, female/male, religion...

iceroll said...

3 session?
and then the teachers will have a headache to set the timetable and syllabus. All this for teaching them how to use condoms? i think not. :P

alaa nih bukan post tuh ke? post la

Dila said...

laa.. bukan exclusively to that only.. make it like monthly... or weekly..

this week co-ed,
nxt week female/male
those kinda stuff..

u do not have to make it weekly..

once in a while..
kalo students nowadays have the time to even watch Diari AF , this is not that hard.

iceroll said...

and how about include some lab or practical session. Perhaps maybe? :P hehehe

Dila said...

Yeah the age old question...

I guess.. if they bring in Jenna Jameson kut.... now ain't that fund ( I am obviously a budding lesbian)

dahtu esok tak cutila? kite kena tipu!!! said...

Jenna Jameson? aih?? torrent tuh buat dload mp3 ngan sex and the city dah lerr..

Dila said...

aiyaa... ish ish... mane ade.. imaginary tu je sume.

Snubnosse said...

Im not a religious person myself, but to think that God already told us how to prevent those thing...why dont we follow that? Bila kite citer pasal ganjaran, citerlah sampai org akan terkejar2, dan bila kite citer pasal hukuman, citerlah sampai org akan terketar2... saikologi manusia walaupon Tuhan Maha Mengetahui... - Snubby

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