Friday, December 19, 2014

Of War criminals, Magicians and Lawyers

The Dark Room

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Dark Room tells the stories of three ordinary Germans: Helmut, a young photographer in Berlin in the 1930s who uses his craft to express his patriotic fervour; Lore, a twelve-year-old girl who in 1945 guides her young siblings across a devastated Germany after her Nazi parents are seized by the Allies; and, fifty years later, Micha, a young teacher obsessed with what his loving grandfather did in the war, struggling to deal with the past of his family and his country.

3 stories in one novel. If there are some similar theme with all of these stories is that there are all related to a Nazi sympathizer/officer or are ones.

The first stories was simple and sad. The second of the starving children story on a journey to their grandmother are the one I most can't stand. It is too heartbreaking. I kinda like skim read it. Not that I skip here and there. But I kinda scanned the words without delving much into it. Too painful. The third story is the one I kinda most exasperated with. I guess I don't get the guilt. I get survivor guilt. But the obsession with your ancestors sin is your sin is not something I get behind.

However I might feel about the stories the writing is simple and powerful. For a debut novel, this is a well thought of book. Most of the time I can't identify with the characters but maybe because I can't imagine being in their spot. I hated the way she written the dialogue though.

The Prestige

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A story 2 magicians obsession in trying to outperform each other.

I never watch the movie as I never got the time. Every time it is on I seems to miss it. But I was intrigued enough to pick up the book.

First going in the narrative of Andrew I am impatient on how it will play out. but once it start with Borden I was entertained. Then Angier narrative makes the book even more intriguing and want me to reread again Borden narrative on what I had missed. I love the twist at the end. I am haunted by the ending and wondered what really ending.

If there is one complain I could find is that the ending leave me wanting and with more questions. (Slight spoiler ahead) What happened to Angier? Why there are so many prestige of him?. What Andrew going to do with his brother?

A very entertaining and intriguing story with unsatisfactory ending though it maybe what the author wishes. I did read that Christopher Priest thinks the movie is brilliant and wishes he apply the same way on how it goes in the movie to the book. So I am now wishing I could watch the movie.

The Street Lawyer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About: A lawyer violent encounters with a homeless man who held him hostage sets him on a path of self discovery and a coverup at his firm.

Grisham books to me is like a snack. not filling, but a fast, enjoyable and light reading. This book is exactly that. Though I gave it a 2 because it feels a bit preachy.

Felt throughout the book that I am being fed statistic and facts about homelessness but nothing on the emotion side of it. I never get a clear picture on what kind of person Michael is and that makes him boring, even during the most exciting point of his life he seems to be disassociated.

The summary is that while I enjoyed the book , the story feels hollowed.

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