Monday, December 08, 2014

2nd Labour Experience

I had already mentioned to my gynae before that I am gonna try VBAC. So I was on my 39th week Jumaat, 21st Nov tu and it also happened to be my birthday. Memula I macam cita2 nak guilt trip laki ke Majestic Hotel punye buffet, tapi I during my last weeks of pregnancy tu I don't have a lot of appetite pon actually. So after a week or more of not cooking sebab tak larat or pening I cooked dinner. After washing up, dan rase moody for no reason ( I am always moody during my birthday), rase macam perut jatuh je. 

At that time husband pon baru bagi my present. Then after putting Aziz to bed , went to the toilet and felt like something came out from down there, if you know what I mean. Nothing so dramatic. Not even air ketuban pon pecah. Only the mucus plug, some bloody bit. Told husband that I maybe will be in labour tomorrow so I start to put the last things I need in my hospital bag and husband packed up Aziz bag since we akan letak him at my sister house when I am in labour. Sebab nanti kalau die nampak mak die in pain die akan nangis so better he will not be at the hospital. 

Tido la dalam sejam camtuh and woke up at around 1 or 2 am because it is becoming painful. Tak berapa kira sangat la dalam 10 mins apart and bile dah 5 am tu dah macam 5 6 mins apart. Sakit woo. I can't sleep the whole night and I was waiting impatiently till 7 am so I can go to the hospital. By 5.30 am aku dah tak kuasa, so pergi mandi and solat. 6.30 am camtu kejut my husband cakap suh bawak ke hospital. Die macam "sekarang ke?" . Hoh. I cakap sekarang la sebab I dah tak tahan sakit. We dropped Aziz at my sis house. Die muka bleary eyes just kiss and salam before my husband dukung die keluar rumah.

Otw to husband tanye nak makan ape2 ke. I cakap I teringin nak tosei. Tapi bile tiba contractions sampai, rase macam tak sanggup je nak makan. T_T Bile sampai hospital, pergi labour room, nurse check baru 1.5 cm you bukak T_T . Sedihnye ai. Ingatkan dah 5 ke 6 . 

My drip

So I pon decided on to take epidural. And tunggu la lagi. Kali ni amik epidural tu punye le sakit sampai the anesthetist asked I ni athlete ke masa sekolah sebab my pinggang muscle taut. I jokingly said mopping the house je la athletic activity yang I do. Haha. He said probably I am too tense kut. Most probably sebab I have a habit of not able to relax my body when other people touched me. So after relaxing my body a bit, baru the second needle of epi to boleh masuk. And after epi masuk, then the catheter for peeing also masuk. 

I tried to sleep but can't sebab macam excited lak nak beranak. Nak meetup anak satu lagi . After the epi I suruh my husband to go sebab my opening was then at 3 cm and it looks like a long way to go and die pon kena jumpa his sister who was here at KL during that Saturday. 

Pemandangan sepanjang menunggu

My gyane pecahkan my air ketuban around 11 am so things can speed up a bit and the nurse cakap if rase nak berak then panggil the nurse. Aku tunggu tunggu la rase nak berak. For once or twice I do feel like the baby is trying to push down but only briefly je. Lama kut melanguk. Sampai I think around 2.00 pm camtu my gynae checked again and I am still at 3cm. The epi was now almost at an end and I was becoming a bit alarmed. Haha. Sebab I know the pain would be tremendous afterwards and being still at 3cm ... I am not looking forward to that. 

But then my gynae mentioned that she doesnt think I can progress further than 3cm as my cervix is becoming swollen due to baby trying to push through but was not successful. I think I kinda know that I am gonna get cut open again the second time around, and my gynae said she doesnt think there would be any options pon. So I signed all the necessary documents and asked my husband to come since he was not back yet from meeting his sister. 

I think dalam 2.40 I am wheeled in to the OT and husband tak sampai2 lagi. Nurse yang risau because she doesn't want to hold on to my belongings. Heh. I think she just does not want to be hold responsible if anything goes missing, but there is nothing in the bag pon. Duit pon nan hado sangat. 

So I got to be wheeled in , husband tak sampai lagi. I just said to the nurse I think he knows where to go la but he can always asked. 

In the OT. I was half afraid that my last experience where I boleh rase the pain of being sliced repeating, but nan hado. It all goes smoothly. I was fully aware though somewhat in a drugged state and I can feel vaguely the opening of my belly and flipping the layer to get to the uterus. And both doctor having to push at my abdomen to get the baby out. 

So this time it is like a new experience. I can hear the baby cries. Dr Anthony was the receiving paed, and he cleaned the baby, and my son was letting out some really loud cries all throughout the whole ordeal and all the people in the room laughed saying that he is very loud. And he hold up my son afterwards to me saying " Look at your child, boy kan.. " I said "Yes" and he said " Yes and he is all perfect.". And I felt relieved. Because throughout the whole pregnancy there was always a tiny bit of worries if he is not ... which I believed all mom feels. 

The baby came out from me I think in a little less than half an hour from whence I was wheeled in, as he was recorded as being born at 3.12 pm. After the stitching up and all . I do have to stay a little longer than usual in the recovery room because I can't stop puking. They mentioned it was a bad reaction to the painkiller. I even threw up all over the nurse. Kesian nurse tu. I kept on apologizing but she said no matter she have another set of clothes . Huhu. The anesthetist have to give me another ubat to keep me from throwing up. 

Bile dah dapat ubat tu, no more rase nak muntah at the slightest of movement. Baru la I boleh masuk bilik. Husband muka nampak lega sebab he said I was in there a long time. Masa ni badan menggigil2 sejuk due to the ubat spinal tu . And not long after I kena wheeled in , they wheeled in my baby too sebab they said he kept on crying sebab lapar. So need to BF him immediately. 

Dengan terketar2 tu I breastfeed him and immediately the menggigil feeling go away. Memang rase macam wow. Mentioned to husband sebab 22nd November tu was our 6th year anniversary , that this is my present to him la so mana my present? Hehe... ( tadek present pon you.. die cakap phone tu kira termasuk sekali. Haha ) 

Oh. Nanti I sambung pasal post recovery lak.  


alwayzzcitra said...

Congratulation for your new bundle of joy! How are you feeling Dils?

dils said...

Thanks Citra! I am feeling OK, though I can't wait to be completely ok!

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