Friday, December 05, 2014

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2014 - Preview Pass

Got meself a preview pass way back in February.

Dan being in pantang I still manage to buy some. Malas cakap banyak. Below are the pics of the book I bought. A lot of em are childrens book for my kids and my nephews and nieces. Also general fiction for meself. Things I am thrilled about is that my Sookie Stackhouse series is now complete.

As per usual the book pics are my reference usually on what books I have yet to read.

My preview pass
Aziz pouncing on the dino coloring book after I told him there are new books for him
That medical dictionary is for my sister. I am not that curious to learn.
My stash for this year
Also bought the Stiegg Larsson famous trilogy. I was reluctant to buy it because of the violence, but meh, I can always skip the violence. The movie was great. Both of the Dilbert books are my husband
For my nephews and niece. Tetiba aku pon jeles and wish I have that Hello Kitty sweet treats. A lot of people was asking where I picked this up. I am predicting this will be a hot item tomorrow.
That Toy Story coloring and sticker book IS HUGE. The huge one for my nephews and Aziz got the slightly smaller one. 
Books for the young uns. I love Sesame Street. 
Moar children books. I especially like the bath time book. I bought that for Saif though I think Aziz will claimed it as his own. Takpe. Saif tak paham laie.

Well then, it was a good stash. And a whole lot of children books. I am a bit sad because for several years my stash of books usually have Kurap around in the photos. This year tadek : (  I miss my fat cat. 

My fiction stash is kinda small but husband said next year la kite tengok lagi. In the mean time, there are still a lot of books I have yet to read pon . During pantang memang pantas reading. Havent post book reviews for the longest time, tapi macam malas pon ye. Tengok la. Maybe for those that are really worth it, yang lain2 I put it to Goodreads . 


Mari Femme said...

Aahhh finally someone posted about children books! Husband is going today. Siap nk berkampung cari buku utk budak -.-"

Anyway, you always get the preview pass!! Howwwwww???

dils said...

I think I was just lucky! Kite tengok next year dapat lagi ke tak. Haha.

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