Wednesday, December 03, 2014

New phone - my Find 7 review.

Beria kan aku cakap aku taknak new phone, or considering new one but then I got one for my birthday ( which was on the 21st Nov tu ). While my heart was set on Xiaomi 4 or OnePlus One but nak dapatkan phone tu macam sama susah nak kahwin dengan anak raja tahapnye, my husband bought me the Oppo Find7. Memula aku macam merajuk sebab ingatkan die tak belikan ape2 for my birthday. Dah la kek pon lupa beli. Hiba ibu mengandung. 

Naseb baik lepas I tanye maghrib tu mana my kek die terus beli. Kalau tak ade aku pegi batu belah batu bertangkup... sebab malam tu je terus contractions in labour. Hahaha. 

I was very specific on the specifications I want in a phone. I wanted a 3GB RAM, and at least 32 GB worth of internal phone storage. 16GB no longer cuts it. Also the screen is as big as Note 2 as I am used to that. So that does not left a whole lot of choice. 

So my phone looks kinda like this 

I think the back looks kinda like that because the phone come with a faux leather casing and you need to tanggalkan the back of the phone and attached it to the casing, where I kinda dig because it does not add unnecessary thickness to the phone. 

While I am still wondering if the OnePlus One is any good, I kinda glad I didnt buy it because there seems to be some issues with Cyanogenmod and OnePlus One . I was hoping to test the Cyanogenmod CM11 , though not that I can't still test it out by rooting any Android phone. Tapi aku memang cautious la nak root phone. So that's that. The Find uses the Color OS and I am not too thrilled with the idea of using Color OS at first but after trying it out, at least it is better than Samsung punye Touchwiz or the bloatwares Sony likes to put on their phones. I am getting used to it and kinda liking it. 

I also like that I can change the theme of the phone and currently I set it to Arale or to avoid copyright issues the designer put it as Qrale. Hehe. My husband used to say that Arale reminded him of me. 

The only downside to this phone is due to its upside. The OPPO Quad HD display screen is stunningly crisp and clear. Gambar2 in the phone memang nampak awesome. But sebab tu jugak battery die memang cepat habis la walaupon capacity battery die quite tinggi. I usually gets around 5 or 6 hours with the phone before I need to charge, tapi tu jugak sebab bile dah nyusu budak memang pegang phone je la selalu. 

My lockscreen. And I love how it looks.

But I think because they know that their phone just eats up the battery, they provide it with the fast charger tu. In the box we will get 2 chargers. One slightly bulkier than the other. The bulkier one can charge your phone from 0 to 100% in under an hour. And I found out the regular charger charge pretty quickly too. If my phone tinggal 40% like that, it will get 90% if I charge it to a little bit over an hour. 

So while the battery drain is kinda annoying I guess the fast charger kinda counterbalance it. Though not a good options if you happens to be travelling. And I don't really like using powerbank. Aku rase macam leceh, kena buat keje 2 kali gitu. Tapi kite tengok nanti sebab so far I am stuck at home with the phone and can charge whenever I want, so if keluar nak tengok gak berapa lama boleh bertahan. 

The phone is fast and smooth though there is some slight delay but not noticeable. I also like that I can unlock the phone by double tapping the home button though at first aku blindly tapped je mana2 kat bawah sebab tak biasa lagi. 

Oh and for the camera quality so far so good. Especially kalau tangkap selfie. Hahaha. I hate taking selfie because I am very self concious on how I look for the camera. Tapi die ade options Beautify dan gile flawless la kulit ai bile guna option ni

Selfie dengan Aziz with the Beautify option. 

Haha. I think I will be using this options only for selfie. Muka pon nampak kurus sikitttt. 

Thank you to husband sebab beli phone as hadiah walaupon at first I macam resisting the idea. Tapi bile dah pakai not bad gak. Hoping this Oppo phone will withstand rain and shine for at least the next 2 years. 

Sekian review picisan dari pemilik Oppo yang baru pegang ni for more than a week .

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