Friday, December 27, 2013

Of trying better

New year nanti akan banyak la new year list.

People are getting riled up over the recent price hike. Especially the upcoming price hike. Gile kau. Kalau AKLEH naik RM2.50 , sebulan dah berapa banyak nak cover.  Government trying to say that they had to pay a lot because of the concessionaire agreement, I think that the problem is the concessionaire agreement itself. Macam mana ko buat kontrak membuatkan that only 1 side je yang untung. 

That's my opinion la dan aku memang dah lama berbulu thinking about that.

Husband is back and bile die balik ade je mende die nak buat kat rumah tu, but we are rearranging some of the furniture, for a more Aziz friendly house. Walaupon dah 6 bulan berjalan, tapi masih jatuh2 kalau excited. Hehe. 

Likewise macam previous years I don't like to make new resolutions. We can always start tomorrow. A lot of people have a bucket list to do before their 30s. Sekarang sudah 31 ye... ape bucket list before 40? 

Maybe I can make it so that I can have a kayak trip in Sarawak. But in order for me to have a kayak trip. I need to be fit. That means eating right / exercising.  Bagus tak tu... nak gi kayak kena be fit dulu. Kalau tak nyesal je lepas pedal 15 mins. Can't imagine the time when I can kayak for 1 and 2 hours non stop. Bile weh nak keep fit ni. Nak tanye tips bole je tanye kat Farah superwomom tu kan.. haha.. tapi I tak larat la jogging hari2 Farah. 

Nak jugak la try to make a kayak trip. Not next year though. Next year cuti pack! Mungkin the other year. Nak jugak berkayak lagi di river. River yek. Kayak at sea scares me.

Jab lagi husband gonna bring my son to Midvalley. Eh suke. Excited anak amik sekali balik ofis sama macam eksaited masa mula2 boyfriend pickup dari keje. Hahahha. 

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