Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nak jugak buat post 2013

2013 had been a lousy year for me work wise, health wise and even personal wise. And I think I could do better next year. 

Let's hope we do. Macam I read in twitter, a very simple resolution - more better, less bad. In everything la kan. 

Next year there is a lot of things to look forward to. Holiday trips, renovation, work opportunities. 

Tapi renovation I takut with the current economic instability. Not sure the pricing. We will start small and simple and what needed to be done first kut. Which at first glance seems like everything needs to be done dulu. Need to really discuss with husband. Lagi pon I am a little bit anxious. I didn't want to renovate dulu-dulu sebab I don't want to be alone with all the decision and problems kalau kena renovate time laki tadek. Ni pon I am not sure if he really gonna be here throughout the whole process. 

Pandai2 la kan. 

We get older, time getting faster, and we don't look towards the future as hopeful as we did when we were younger. Negatipnye ayat... tapi itulah. 

Anyway... semoga besok will bring a better day. Dengan resolution yang paling baru... nak try buat nasi lemak la. 


Lisalisut said...

Haha try buat ns lemak on 1st jan is cool!!! Happy new year!

dils said...

Thanks Lisa! Nasi lemak tuuu.. akak dah sms cakap suruh datang new year day ke rumah untuk makan nasi lemak :D Family instinct kuat.

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