Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kurap two face


Haa baru je kan cakap nak cerita pasal Kurap... tak sempat kena vaccinate dah sakit lain.

Last Thursday night I noticed Kurap face looking like this.

Skin all scraped off. Luka tang mana tah. Don't know. Sometimes she gets into a fight with Bobby. Bobby ni kucing manja tapi gangster. Dasar jantan. 

I used betadine to clean it up and hoping it would be OK. Sebab before this she got the same type of luka on the other side of the face. I cleaned it up with Betadine before and it healed after 3 to 4 days. 

By Friday sudah jadi camni.The cut was probably deeper than I thought and I didn't cleaned it thoroughly and as often as I should.

Saturday tu pulak I got busy going here and there and forgot to bring her to the vet. So I said to her kite pergi Sunday ok. Die macam biasa je.. reply "meow". But Saturday malam tu mandom sikit. Panggil pon buat bodoh je. Tapi siang tu sempat gallivanting kat luar. 

Well, Sunday morning tu tak sempat nak bawak ke vet , the nanah at her face dah pecah. Cleanup her face yang dengan darah and nanah pouring out like molten liquid. Euw.  Titisan darah pulak everywhere kat rumah. Kena lap dulu. Aziz ni kalau die tengok mende pelik sikit kat lantai , kalau tak kutip... jilat lantai terus pon boleh.

 So brought her to the vet with Aziz in tow. I think he enjoyed having a cat in the car who is more louder than him. So less crying sebab kena strapped kat belakang. Hehe. Dekat vet tu Aziz bukan main suke, sibuk tunjuk itu ini asking me to bring it to him untuk main. I think he maybe confused that cat toys are also human toys. It is one of the same jugak la kan Aziz as we play it together with the cats.

The vet cleaned up her wound ( dan masa ni as I have to hold down Kurap sebab ade percubaan melepaskan diri , Aziz amik the balang of cat toys and jalan everywhere around the shop ). The vet also give her some shots of solution at her face to further clean the wound and injection to stave off infection. Dan jugak tidak lupa bekalan PILLS. 

Kalah ubat aku lepas bersalin C Section.
Tengok rase nak nangis. Besanye pil tuuu. I myself tak suke telan pil. Ade 4, antibiotic, tahan sakit, skin repair and tissue repair. And a gel to apply to her face. Naseb baik once a day je ( Only the gel I applied twice a day ).

Sebelah muka sudah tidak jelita.
This is her on Sunday afternoon. Luka tu continue darah-darah lagi :( However today when I clean the wound to apply the gel, the darah seems to lessen and nampak luka macam dah nak kering. Fingers crossed! Pakaikan kon to her sebab tanak luka tu making teruk dek kena cakar.

In the mean time merasa la tuan die bersilat nak bagi pil. Semua kucing aku ni jenis payah gile makan pil. Ade ke kucing yang senang makan pil??? So I chose to give 2 pills first right after I got back from work, then after dah settle Aziz and put him to sleep.. give her the other 2 pills. 

Yesterday not so much struggle. Almost easy. Yang pil besar2 tu I manage to force it down her throat. Yang kecik2 tu I gumpal2kan with her wet food. Have to repeatedly gumpal it sebab kucing2 ni makan jilat2 the whole things sampai tinggal pill je kat bowl die . HOH! So I have to put the food again and again to the pill till she manage to eat the pill sama. Yang pill besar tu of course la won't work with the wet food trick so kena force open her mouth and jammed it down her throat. But I bribed her before and after with wet food as treats and rub and massaged her to relax her. You can't give a pill to a cat if the cat is suspicious of you. 

Tips bagi pill for cats - 

 Hold their face, with one hand and then dongakkan sikit ke muka die ke atas, and the other hand, use a finger to pry open their mouth and put in the pill as far as you can at the end of their tongue. Quickly close their mouth and massage  them underneath their chin to guide them to swallow the pill. There is a lot of tutorial in youtube also. And I had seen loads of them before but I still dread to give the cats their pill. 

Easier if you have one other person to hold the cat down while you give the pill, but in my case I just have to make them relax. And don't rush it for difficult cats. Lagi kau stress lagi die nak lari dari kau. 

Hoping for a scratch free pill giving session tonight! 

Also hope Kurap gets better as soon as she can. Sebelom ni kan telinga die bernanah... ni muka pulak. Macam2 la Kurap ni. Suke gaduh sangat. After dah baik ni baru bawak gi vaccinate.

Updated 18/12 -
Semalam kasik the pills hanya satu jer berjaya. The rest either in wet food or ground together with wet food.

Hari ni agak2 macam mana la ye..

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