Friday, December 06, 2013

Big Bad Wolf 2013 : Preview Sale

Went to the preview yesterday. Drive alone to the Mines. Small personal achievement unlocked! ( Aku memang fail bab driving to anywhere else but KLCC, work, home )

Ramai la orang .. I only manage to snap this pic because hellooo... busy searching for books ok.. 

Loads of people.

I had went to two other previews before, and I have to say this one is the most crowded. My mood was not too great to begin with sick child at home, so I found myself staring daggers to those who block people way with their huge ass luggage.  Come on la weyy.. considerate sikit ok. 

I myself found it hard to navigate around quickly with the trolley around. So what I did, I park my trolley at a sudut of the table ( and I push it under the table if I can, so people can browse easily) and browsed 4 tables nearby. That makes it quicker and I don't get in the way of people. Time is of the essence! LOL. Also don't want to be stuck in the rush hour traffic, so I got out of there around 4 pm. It was madness during lunchtime, but slower afterwards. I can't imagine how the traffic in and out of the Mines will be tomorrow onwards. Good luck guys.. and if you bring kids.. I would advise to let them run around upstairs la ( properly chaperoned of course) . That's what I did last year when I went during the usual time.

That is my books.

Kurap rubbing her scent all over my books.LOL.

Not so much compare to last sales kan. Bole lah. I don't have any particular author to hunt for and I don't feel like browsing much so I took this only. Refrain myself from recipe books because I know if I guna resepi, I usually ended up with the one I copied from blogs and online website and I bought one parenting books to feel good about meself. The one I am excited of is the on titled Matched I think by Ally Condie. I was always contemplating to buy it, and at RM8 now I can. L.C book and Robocalypse I had heard quite nice reviews, so I took it with me. The other one I bought based on the authors which I enjoyed before.

Manage to also get another of the True Blood series. So the one left in my Sookie Stackhouse series is the last 3 books. Nak tunggu complete baru start reading. ;D . I had made up the list in my phone beforehand so I quickly checked which I had and don't have then baru ambik. Kalau beli yang dah ade rugi!

That whole stack is the childrens book for little Ajis and his cousins. It ranges from RM10 to RM1. I didn't count, I think it is more than 10 and I found myself being very critical on what I wanted for him based on his likes and dislikes for books. So I think I had made the right choice.

The same stack but I include 3 other books. Eh Toy Story 3 box tu is like a board game plus other fun activity things I bought for Ajis cousins. Bergaduh la die orang semalam semua nak mende tu.... -_- . Yang kecik punye Toy Story 3 is for Aziz.. one of those fun educational little book. And Tick Tock tu one of those cuddly book for my 8 mos nephew who seems to like it enough. Kurap pon sibuk jugak nak menjengah.

Forgot to include this one in the stack so I took this pic separately. The only Malay novel I bought which is for my niece. She seems to like it. Moga-moga baca sampai habis ye Alisha. Buku I beli for her last year punye BBW pon tak habis baca lagi. Hope her mom also approved of this book, ( storywise, content). From what I gathered it seems to be about a girl who gets into MRSM Terendak and her story in that school. Since her mom ( my eldest sister) was an alum of the school, I think she would like it if her daughter read this book. My other sister also MRSM Terendak, while my youngest bro is MRSM Muar alums. Aku ajeee SBP . Sobs.

Oh about the books there. I think there is some lacking in General Fiction and Fantasy compare to other years. So I am a bit disappointed there.

However there is an abundance of Childrens book from the very youngs to the one who wish they are still children. Since I was concentrating on Children book, this was very satisfactory. I think half of the books there must be Children book. Wider selection of Malay novel and YA genres ( not so much on the authors I love) . Also there is a section for Agama. I didn't look at that section *shamefaced* . I think if my mom went again she might like the section for Agama because she was asking for it last time. So would others kan.

Travel section was sadly not to my satisfaction. Very little selection and nothing in Japan. Guess have to pay the regular price at regular bookstores then. Other section didn't look at it too much. Ohh.. there seems to be wider range in the pet section. Kicking myself that I didn't buy the Cat Expert book. Rugi laahh. Takpela kan. And seems to be a huge section in recipe which I don't glance.

Ok la. Nak gi lunchie. Last pic of Ajis and his books. He seems to like it. Kurap lagi sekali menyibuk. Takleh blah tul kucing tu. Huhu.

He likes that book that he opened. Asked him to choose which I want to read to him first sebelom tidur and he chose that book again. Win!


Chicsinred said...

So sad tak boleh pergi :(. jealous also!

lisalisut said...

jelessss jelesss omg im so jealous!!!!!! cryyyyyyy. sbr sbr. i plan nk g tgh malam buta. so sng ade org jaga hannah haha. cpt skit settle. if nk bwk pn kene ade org jaga dia, nt i xfokus nk pilih buku haha

weii citer apa psl mrsm terendak tuuuuuuu. i ex mrsm terendak weiiiiii hahahahaha omg excited ttbe.

dils said...

Aww.. There is always next year Chic!

dils said...

Ohh kalau ade orang tolong jaga kat rumah lagi bagus. Takyah la risau. Last year sebab I already went to the preview punye bile the whole family pegi ( adik beradik with their kids). I volunteer jaga bebudak upstairs so the parents can browse easily. Kite pon cranky kalau ramai apatah lagi budak2 kecik kan.

I tak baca habis sinopsis tu tapi pasal this girl got accepted to MRSM Terendak dan die cerita pasal experience her there la. Fiction la kut. Haha. Dekat section Malay books ade tu.

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