Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: Bridget Jones - Mad About the Boy

Saw this in bookshop and even though my reading list is like neverending, I have to buy and read this. Because it is Bridget Jones.

 Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones, #3)Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bridget Jones is back! And this time she is 51 ( I think) with 2 kids and Mark Darcy is dead for 5 years :( . Bummer.

At first when I read in October that Mark Darcy died in this book. I was furious. FURIOUS! Mark Darcy can't died. He is the ultimate chic lit hero. He was sweet, lovable, smart, lacking in personality I have to admit, but he is everything every below than average Jane wants.

However.. while reading this book I can see why Helen Fielding decided that Mark Darcy must died. She wants to recreate the essence of the first book. When Bridget grappled with the world of dating. Dating at 51 rather than 31 is daunting.

I enjoyed the part when Bridget is enjoying her relationship with her 30 year old toyboy. But it was painful at first. Maybe because I am hoping Bridget with wisdom of love and children, are able to reign herself when it comes to dating, so at least she can pay attention to her children. It doesn't seem she grow up from the first we see her. Sometimes I feel like shaking her. However towards the end, I can see that Bridget is still grappling with Mark Darcy death and there is an underlying sadness in the book even when she is being giddy and silly.

The book is still funny, silly, and Fielding still have it to makes Bridget Jones as endearing even though I thought it is not so during the first few pages. And the appearance of most of the characters excepting Shazzer ( she moved to the U.S) is like seeing old friends again.

And this book is way better than the one posted in Telegraph. There was a continuation in the Telegraph, ( Bridget Jones first appeared there then Fielding turned it into a book), in the e-version, Mark Darcy chucked her because she slept with Daniel which resulted in her being pregnant with Daniel baby. Imagine that! I don't think we can ever forgive Bridget for behaving that abominably if Fielding chose that version the book 3.


Chicsinred said...

I have been avoiding this book [boleh macam tu?] after I found out that Fielding killed Darcy. Macamana ak cope dengan his death ni? Mesti aku emo gila bila bacaaaa, dahla Mark Dracy tu macam lelaki anganan yang perfectlah!

Tapi nanti nak baca jugalah after reading your review, nampak macam it was not that bad.

dils said...

it was not that bad.. the funny moments is still funny. Kenkadang nyampah gak, tapi tak lama la nyampah tu. Tak macam Becky in Shopaholic series tu.

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