Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Very the makcik

It had been rather slow at the office. Everyone is enjoying the downtime. Coming in late and going back early. Tapi semalam balik awal pon tadek guna. Jam gilerrr. Gosh. I hate jam. 

Everyone is talking about the child who drowned after riding banana boat with her father. Sedih sangat rase. It was a piss poor decision by the parent. And I am gonna leave it at that because they are going to live the rest of their life knowing they made that decision that cost their daughter life. The banana operator tu pon salah gak. Nak untung je lebih, tak pikir panjang. Dan walaupon people keep on saying parents should be held responsible if things go wrong, unfortunately stupidity is not against the law. Moga-moga we parents will always have the presence of mind to make the right decision when it comes to our kids. 

Husband is at last going back to work in KL after almost 3 years of him being an 'expat' in another country. Matilah kena masak tetiap malam. Well. Almost every night. Haha. All the routines needs to be adjusted. My chores are gonna increase ( ironing work clothes. Ugh...) tapi ade orang untuk jaga Aziz who likes to be with people all the time. So ok la. Sometimes I kept on having this guilty feeling that I maybe need to play with him more tapi the house needs vacuuming, the dishes needs to be cleaned, the litterbox cleaned. I think there will always be the feeling that we should have do more to our child, or maybe that is just me. I always kept on thinking, did I bath him properly, taugh him manner enough, pay attention to him enough, feed him enough, ... it is just neverending self doubt. No wonder many mothers get defensive when our parenting skills are being brought to our attention. This is because we ourselves judged ourselves the hardest. 

Oh.. with him coming back die tengah sibuk nak membeli macam2 mende yang murah di sana. Sampai ke freezer pon nak bawak. LOL. Bough some pans ( Tefal adalah murah) and some electrical stuffs. Carpets jugak, sebab karpet Turkmenistan kan is declared as their national treasure and only few can leave the country. I think you need to buy it at only certain places je. Tak boleh beli sebarang untuk bawak keluar dari their country. It is good quality carpet. Soft and tebal and sedap la pijak. Mak-mak sangat la kan barang-barang yang aku nak beli ni. Oh, husband also bought me the Tefal Air Fryer from there because it is like cheaper a few hundred RM from here. I am loving it. Was meaning to write another post, tapi nak tunggu I experiment something dulu.. hehehe. Ni tengah contemplate nak bread maker pulak. I love bread. Bole je kut nak gi ganyah2 dough tu buat roti... tapi malas. Haha. Tapi breadmaker murah sana. Cuma dalam bahasa Russian la banyak. Of course la I won't take yang Bahasa Russia punye. Tengok la guano. Jangan mengumpul habuk sudah. 

The cats are doing all right. I don't update much about them because my Instagram is mostly on cats. So those who followed my blogs before for cat updates maybe can see my Instagram for their updates. Wait. Nanti I letak la widget instagram kat tepi belog ni. Bobby ni la sekarang suke buat perangai mengencing sana sini. Ai stress. Tapi die lovable. So marah sekejab. Tapi pastu sayang. Kurap cam biasa die. As long as she gets her wet food she is happy. She is due for her yearly vaccination so maybe I will update about her later. 

Gollywolly memang monyet dan lovable. Last week my neighbor ade buat birthday party. Lepas tu one of the family nak balik and their car is parked outside my home. Before nak balik tu one of the car door is open sebab bapak die sibuk nak masukkan barang ape tah. Gollywolly usha sikit depan pintu dan proceed to baring  and spread tunjuk belly die. Tuuu menunjuk la tu.. suruh orang puji2 die. Over sangat. Dengan total strangers pon nak tunjuk lawa. Naseb baikk je la orang tu tak kidnap die masuk dalam kereta sekali. She is not afraid of people and very curious. Last 2 week kut ade fogging and the other cats yang kat luar bertempiaran lari masuk rumah. But Gollywolly was outside. Since asap fogging tu kan racun and can be harmful to cats beria aku menceceh lari ke luar cari die. Bole die duduk depan gate tengok je asap tu makin dekat and makin dekat. Terus angkat and bawak masuk rumah. Fuh. 

Wolly tuuu suke nak manja-manja. Die nampak Bobby lepak-lepak die datang and shoved her face to Bobby so Bobby will clean her face. Adik bongsu punye perangai ni.

Ending this post with the pic of the cats grooming each other and you can see Kurap gendut kat belakang tidur mengadap buku2 ku.

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