Sunday, May 22, 2011

When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

I got it from some quotes. I hate quotes, but this girl, in this movie deserves it and embody the above quote.

I watched the Winter's Bone. It was painfully depressing. Watching people in abject poverty teetering in further poverty. 

I know this is gonna be a depressing movie and picked my time carefully. You can't really watched depressing movie when you're depressed. You can't stand to watch depressing movie when you are busy and stressed. The timing of such movie must be right so you won't be thrown in a somber mood the whole week. Maybe many people don't feel this or do, but I have a tendency to be melancholy for days if some movies affect me. 

Now this movie. It is sombering. But in the midst of all the struggles she endured, I smiled as I watched at all the animals she feed and try to. She do not have enough to eat and I suspected let her siblings eat her share, but when her brother presented with a stray she smiled sadly and accepted it. And I am not even touching on her courage and perseverance. 

What I like most is that this movie does not goes to the path of 'selling own body' to make ends meet. She never entertained the idea nor did anyone alluded it to her.

I like Jennifer Lawrence, she carried the whole movie magnificently. Her character is pitiful but she never once ask to be pitied, and if my whole world would come crashing down, I would like the thoughts that I can have that sort of determination to survive.

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