Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello There

So I am gonna rambles. Bet you haven't seen that awhile.

Anyway, I went into bed at 11 pm which is unreasonably early and woke up at dawn and feeling dissatisfied by waking up at dawn. I mean it is the weekend for gawd sakes. So I slept again and now have a headache. Padan muka for being a lazy bone.

Right now I got the vacuum cleaner and my broom and procrastinating. I also let the cat out to get them out of my hair while I will be cleaning and their constant gazing longingly at the window is pissing me off. What they don't now they will be severely wet wipe (there is wet wipes for cats) when they get back home this evening. They do not like them at all and the thing makes their fur looks weird afterward. So they need to enjoy their freedom while its last.

Anyway... I have no idea what to say next and just go ahead and cleaned up the room. 


chics said...

They have wet wipes for cats? Beli kat manaaa?

Dils said...

I beli at one of those buy, trade and sell shop at Ampang. I think I also noticed Daiso have it.

My cats don't like it though. Tapi padan muka muahaha.

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