Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 21 - Favorite book from your childhood

I have a lot of books that I love during my childhood. I think one of my most beloved is the Malory Tower series.

I don't know if I even should put in a summary of the series. I mean almost everyone read this. So to those who never know of this (which is weird), it is a story about a bunch of kids in a boarding school. Starting from Form 1 - 6. 

Why did I choose Malory Towers and not St Clare? I don't much like the twins. They are too goody goody for me. Malory Towers characters are wonderfully one-dimensional. Yes, you would not get a complex character from this, (only the adult remains quite mysterious) but most of the character are flawed and cute and earnest. I like Darrell, love Mary Lou shyness, am envious of Alicia and so many other people in the series. A lot of the character are wonderfully talented in something. It is of course unreasonable and unrealistic that so many different talent can be under one roof, but without it the book would not be interesting. Also who knows that it maybe true as the boarding school is obviously a stepping stone to St Andrew University ( the alma mater of Kate Middleton and Prince William). 

There is something sweet and wholesome of this books. Always every first day of Raya in the afternoon while everyone is asleep, stomach full, contented from eating too much laksa, lemang, ketupat, I will be sitting on my favorite sofa with a jar of kuih raya on my hand with one of the Malory Tower books in hand.

And I am trying to find the whole boxsets in Borders or Kinokuniya but am having problems finding the series or much Enid Blyton books either. And don't let me get started on the aisle that started with 'M; I mean I found myself looking at 3 rows of The Twilight series. WTH is that?? Is this what it comes to? Children introduced to literature by the work of Meyer????


shu said...

heyy thats my childhood fav too! and the famous five :).

chics said...

Was deceived by the malory towers and sr claire's series. Bila aku masuk sekolah asrama macammm jauh panggang dari api.Haha

Dils said...

haha. betul. Series ni la yang membuatkan aku nak masuk asrama, pastu bile dah masuk menyesal.

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