Thursday, May 05, 2011

Day 18 - A book that disappointed you

Candance Bushnell - Sex and the City 

While I love the series,  I am left severely disappointed in the book. 

The summary : 
In this chronicle of the mating habits of New York's cultural elite, Bushnell infiltrates celebrity affairs, sex clubs, and posh suburbs to introduce us to "bicycle boys," "modelizers," and "toxic bachelors" — powerful and successful men who bed single and married women as if it were a contest. Often funny and occasionally bleak, this is an inside account of the quintessential '90s romance and the never-ending search for the perfect marriage partner in high society

This is maybe on the overall tone of the book. The series while at the time edgy, have a feeling of optimism, hopefulness  light feelings to it. 

The book? It was ghastly as one reviewer reviewed it. Maybe it touch a note with a New Yorker, but reading the book, make my head ache. I hated everyone in the book, including Carrie. Everyone is depicted horribly. Maybe the book can only be understood by a New Yorker, but if I want to go to New York and read this book, I'll be changing my flight to somewhere else since the author paints such a horrible depiction of New York and its people that I don't care to be near them. The book painted NYC as gritty, the people are almost callous and the stereotype there is nothing redeemable to them. 

I was severely disappointed I guess because it is not as what I expected from the series. I thought it might be fun, frothy, light, lovely with a hint of neurosis on it. Maybe on second reading, it would improve but I am kinda shuddering at thought of picking it up again. I guess, I know now what to expect from the author and will be staying away. 


Soraya Zainal said...

i read a few page of this book during BBW and i found it boring.. and terus tak jadi beli.

maybe cara penulisan dia kot?

Dils said...

Mungkin kut. Penulisan die macam dark. So macam ughhhh

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