Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 22 - Favorite book you own

Continuing on the book meme. I have forsake you for so long.

Semua buku I own all have a very special place in my heart.

But I especially cherish my Fables graphic novel collection. 

Why? Because the whole collection (including the Cinderella spin off and the Pied Piper novel ) had reached 1k.  I had spent (ok WE ; my husband and I. I forced him to read and when I am broke asked him to buy) around RM1k for the collection. This is why, it is a bad idea to start reading graphic novel. ( I am now starting to collect the Walking Dead too, so put that second to my most favorite collection).

But I am glad I chose Fables if I want to collect. I try reading the Sandman, but I don't like the tone of the story I guess while for this series I love it from the start. I had always love fairy tale, I always imagine what would happened to Cinderella, Snow White and all after they're married. I never believe they do have happily ever after. This series is the reimaginings of all the fairy tale characters we are familiar with.  

So it told the story of these characters. How in fairy tale land an evil emperor had rooted all this wondrous characters from their home and turned them into refugee. They then fled to our world to set up a village then a town, and the series is their stories on how they cope, how they plan to take back their homeland. How the evil character we read of try to redeem themselves and these damsels in distress turned themselves into a plucky heroine. 

The series went wonderfully until Vol 11 then I think after the war is over, the writers lost their way for a while. It started to pick itself up again in this recent volume so I am super excited to read all about it. I 

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