Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Day 16 - Favorite female character

It is Emily

There are a lot of female characters I love. I had always been attracted towards reading a story where the narrator is female. I felt I can identified with them and make my journey with them much easier. 

I can't really explain why I choose Emily which is also created by L.M Montgomery ( who wrote the Anne series) . Anne is indeed one of my favorites, but Anne sometimes is grating in her goodness. 

Emily, is multi layered, complex, earnest, mysterious and marvelously human. 

When Emily Starr's father dies, she is sent to live with her stern aunt Elizabeth at New Moon Farm. She's sure she'll be unhappy, but she soon discovers new friends, the beauty of her surroundings, and a love of writing.

The book consists of 3, Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs and Emily Quest. 

I first read the last book and was bewildered. A lot of books where you delve headfirst in their later series, you have no problem getting to know them and understanding them. While Emily, she remains mysterious to me. I then hunt for her books and found myself loving Emily and still not completely understanding her. 

I can almost identified with her, except for her passion for writing, which is why I did not put her as a character I relate to (another topic I have a problem finding a name to). However Emily is a wonderful character who from Book 1 to Book 3 remains mysterious. I like that about Emily. I like that Emily is not an open book. I like that she struggled in being good, in making a good decision, in becoming herself. Where everybody loves Anne, Emily is an acquired taste though many would come to love Emily. In a way I identified with her here. She don't try to make people to like her. She does not have a natural way to her where people are comfortable with her. 

There is something about Emily I can't put a finger on it.  Maybe I do relate to her.  Maybe I don't. Which is why she is my favorite.

Note: I noticed after googling her pictures there are a Canadian series of Emily. I am so watching those!

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