Friday, April 09, 2010

Was not in the mood

for blogging. Don't know but my mood was a little bit depressed. Probably because I found that I can't seem to breath going through the difficult project been assigned to me. But LETS (with a hysterical note) forget that for a moment, ok! So at the moment, I am listening to Devics which is always good at soothing me or lulling me to sleep. And do you know that Devics is considered as a dream pop group. Awesome genre. If I ever would fall in love with a group, the group SHOULD fall into a dream pop genre. Just seems apt. 

Oh, I started a story about a tiny man living in a hole, and so far he still lived in a hole because I only got to one paragraph. I have no idea where the story will lead to or if it will ever continue. 

I am always making stories in my head , very rarely it made it to paper because I just have too many damn interests including laziness occupying my time. Sometimes, I paused the story in my head and the characters will tap their feet waiting for me to remember them. Then after a time, when I am beginning to forget them, they will turn hazy and are lost wandering the land of Nothing-Absolutely-At-All-Is-Happening-To-Me. Then I too get stuck in that land. Which then I meet these characters again and they begin to tell their stories again. If I am feeling generous I will fabricate them a hasty ending. Some does not seems satisfied on the ending being given to them, but away they goes. Some, got lost so long forgot their stories and disappear as a mist of whispered words and promises of a rebirth in another character.

Ah, such is the life of an imaginary character living in my head. 

I think tomorrow I will put up a post with pics! I think!


taqiyuddin bakir said...

prolly there's a shelf on the dream king's untold stories library section dedicated for you.

Dils said...

that section would probably be wobbly, hazy and only appear to the owner eyes.

Obefiend Weiland said...

taking a week of blogging usually recharge my batteries

i then write new ideas in A4 pad old skoll style

for some reason when writing it down idea mencurah unlike typing

maybe because i type faster. when write slower rasa macam "damn kena laju sial type otherwise idea terlupa"

weird logic but that works

Dils said...

hoho, usually what i wrote down is just silly stories.

For blogging, is just random shits passing through. Now that shit is blocked too. Hehe

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