Monday, April 26, 2010

A piece of furniture. A lot of things to say.

I bought an armchair last Saturday. Nothing expensive. From IKEA actually. I kinda hate having LOADS of IKEA products in the house, macam there is no other furniture place out there. But there is no arguing, many of IKEA products are nice, have a modern look, you can easily assembled it yourself (in my case easily assembled by my husband) and more importantly, affordable especially for a young starters in life. So IKEA it is. And, my husband love IKEA to bits.

I did looked around a few places. I had my sight on some really lovely Urban Culture armchair yang sangat sleek and modern and lovely, tetapi I loathe to spend more than 1K on a piece of chair. Because basically, it is just a chair kan. While I do have the cash, I decided to also picked up some other things that is necessary to the house, so lain kali la aku beli mende-mende meraban mahal macam tu. 

So on Friday aku pergi la kejab furniture window-shopping. Basically my furniture shopping is whizzing around the place to see if I like the piece or not. The salesperson can hardly keep up with me. The only thing I like is a leather armchair that is really lovely and very 50ish retro looking (which reminded me that I would love to ransack my late grandma house and take a few things out of the house rather than leaving it to the reckless renters there). Tapi leather is a no-no in a house that have malicious and sharp clawed cats. 

Once my husband and I went sofa window-shopping at a particular place and mentioned that we are not interested in leather because we have cats. The salesperson reply to that comment was " You know you can de-clawed or always potong their kuku maaa". I looked at her like her a bit disbelievingly and replied 'No' while smiling tapi dalam hati ... "wah.. wah.. suke hati je ko suggest nak suruh aku buang kuku kucing aku." . I mean it really....really? If you want to sell your product, adakah suggestion kau dengan suruh potential buyer itu tukar their lifestyle, preference or in this case clipping off their pet cats claw? I have nothing against cats that were declawed, but if your cat is declawed then your cat must need to be a fully indoor cat. Kalau kau suke let your cat out, then it would be terrible for the cat to not have its claws.

Back to the armchair. I always dream of an armchair as a place to read my book, padahal my favorite place to read a book is lying on my stomach on a sofa while munching on some food. Cuma nampak lagi dignified laa kalau baca buku atas armchair kan.

I was torn between 2 armchairs. One that is more expensive and more comfy and another one is less comfy but cheaper and fit in with the whole look of the house. Sebab aku cheapskate and the other chair is more expensive than the other one, I chose the cheaper one while consoling myself that when I can have more expensive chair in later years because the money is needed elsewhere. 

Sebab rase macam saiko je nak amik gamba dan tepek di sini sebab its not one in a million kinda thing and chances are you guys have this too, I took the pic from IKEA and showed what I bought.

That is basically what I bought, except the cover is red/white stripes. Boleh la, kinda cute and it didn't break the bank. Betulkah saying itu?

And the funny thing is, we can just load the armchair into my tiny car. Tak payah bayar delivery. 


taqiyuddin bakir said...

declaw your cat!? what will moopheus say?

Anasfadilah said...

i love ikea to bits also,heeee
tak beli pun take..saja suka jenjalan...hahahah

mommy nazeef said...

norish pon ske IKEA gaks...simple n nice :)

Dils said...

I am drawing a blank at your moopheus ref.

Duk situ and berangan if we can take the whole model home.

Tapi suke pegi situ jugak sebab food die sedap dan murah.

Itu la. Barang die sume simple, space efficient. Tu yang maw tu. Yang lain2 tu kalo simple and lawa harga macam mak ai.

Nolie said...

X reti nak ngarut pasal furnitures tu tapi De-claw the cat? She did have even worse opinion rather than to declaw the cats ke tak? What a rotten sales-person. I used to be in sales dept b4, and since in college time been here and there as a salesperson to used up the semester breaks.. But... urghh.. Malas la nak tulis panjang2... Nnt aku terkasar bhs..

Dils said...

Hehe.. Niat di hati nak ngarut pasal salesperson tu la, tapi ngarut pasal furniture plak. Excited sgt dpt shopping.

Tu jenis org yg pk maw lawa je, tapi welfare tak pikir.

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