Friday, April 16, 2010

I spout random stuffs on Friday. It's becoming a habit.

Damn! Is this a thing now? Is blogging becoming a thing so difficult for me to do? Even spouting off nonsense things? Bah! So I am giving my fingers free reign to type whatever things they want. Ok, fingers. Be free!

1. Eh. My man in a hole story had evolved to another paragraph. He had now 'homified' his home a bit, and dig tunnels to make rooms. I only started on the bedroom and lounge though. Kitchen next.

2. I had ran out of perfume. I am waiting for my mom to get back from Qatar and bring me the perfume I asked from my sister. In the mean time, I am searching for my other perfume laying somewhere around the house. So right now I am not smelling wangi which makes me sad. I do have my Annick Goutal though, but I can't bring myself to spray that everyday. That shit cost RM500 per bottle. I am wearing gold jeweleries that cost less than that. Shit, and now I sound like the bloggers that parade around their LVs and 'Couches' in the blog. Erase this from your memory. But I do have to add Annick Goutal perfume is super amazing. You sprayed it the night before, bangun pagi esok tu pon you are still smelling like you just sprayed the perfume. And I will still parade around my Sungai Wang bought bags in the blog. If I bought any. I haven't. But I did bought new clothes from Sungai Wang! Squeal! Oh God. I need to stop typing this paragraph now.

3. I am thinking to watch movie alone tonight but my husband frowned upon the idea. Not that he is afraid that anyone will hit on me or maybe I will hit on anyone. More like his tone of voice is like when I wave off the idea of asking anyone to join me, "Can't you be any weirder." But he doesn't mean in it in bad way, more like in an exasperating "Why you don't enjoy the company of people like any normal people do?." Oh, I didn't asked my husband because he already have other plans. Eh, how about we organize some movies outing on Friday. Who wants to come, come, but everybody buy their own tickets and sit anywhere they like to sit and no asking somebody else to buy your tickets unless you can come on time. BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE? Missing movie trailers. And secretly, I think people who hang out with me don't really like hanging out with me because I either bored them to death or irritated them to death.Or they plain. Just. Don't. Like. Me.

4. There's a career fair in Midvalley, perlu nak pergi ke?


taqiyuddin bakir said...

i imagined you old with crinkly lips, stuffing popcorn in your mouth while eyeballing young people who go into the cinema theater late. you were pissed and were silently cursing them, though secretly you wish you are young again so that going to cinema alone does not look as weird.

then your poodle came and barked at you to have you come home.

Dils said...

I can totally see myself as that, except I would think that had I grown older, I would not feel weird going out alone.

Serr said...

Wow Annick Goutal? I heard kena masuk waiting list nak beli her perfumes...

It must've smelt sooooo nice kan! (ayat org tak pernah pakai Annick Goutal)

Dils said...

Eh, never heard before about the waiting list. Mungkin for new or special brand line kut.

But you can get it easily enough at Tangs, Pavilion or Isetan, KLCC.

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