Friday, April 30, 2010

Late entry for the birthday guy.

Only gotten the chance to update as I had at last found the wayar for the camera. Ye, ye saya memang letak barang merata then forgot about it.

Jumaat lepas was my husband birthday. Sempat baked him a choc cake. 

Verdict of the cake : Macam tak berapa jadi. Hahaha. The icing is a bit bitter because I salah copy berapa amount of sugar I need to put in. And the cake itself, the second batch was fine because I modify it a bit, but the first batch lack of flour because again I must be going blind, I didn't weigh the flour properly. 

Ah well, I can always give it another try. Boleh la, the cake. Because the icing is a bit bitter, I paired the cake with vanilla ice cream and peaches, and it is kinda yummy. Sweet and bitter come together nicely. Tapi next time kena sukat betul-betul.

For the birthday dinner, I treat him at Mandarin Oriental. Mistakenly believed that there was dim sum. Bah! Dim sum ade time lunch hour je ok. Noted. Nampak gaya lain kali la pegi lagi.

I posed for the camera and then asked my husband to pose.

So we ordered some food of the menu, some veggies, chicken, prawns, fried rice. I started to take pic of the first 2 dish, then got hungry and proceed to eat until habis semua. I can't be a food blogger. Terrible.

The highlight of the dinner is the durian pancakes, or said in the menu durian bla bla crepes.. bla bla.

It was incredibly good.

Its basically durian filling with cream wrapped with crepe. But the durian and cream were very nice. It is worth it to eat here just to get this dessert. 

But of course sebab dining at a hotel is not exactly things we can do weekly. Monthly pon aku rase macam tak mampu, so I can get the next best things at Midvalley je. There is some stalls (in Midvalley and Ikano I noticed) that sells these durian pancakes, bukan setakat durian. Got mango, green tea and cempedak. RM10 for 5 of these, compared to the RM18 for 3 above. The one sold at these stalls, taste pretty good too. I want to try their cempedak pancake next. 

Altogether, the meal albeit delicious, was nothing special except for their signature dessert. I will try the dimsum later, but for Chinese dinner food like this, I rather go to Cheng Ho or Haji Sharin Low for its quite nice and cheaper selections. Sheema, Seri and Gohan! We need to go there pronto!

Bawah ni entry tak related tapi aku malas nak create post baru. I went to BookXcess earlier that day. Nothing really special, mostly books by obscure authors selling at RM2 and RM3, which I bought  2 to see if it was any good. Bought myself a Dan Brown book, because it is selling at RM10 and I can't help myself but bought Gregory Maguire book Mirror, Mirror. Something like a retelling of the fables Snow White. It is a hard cover book and very lovely which is why I can't help myself.

Just hope the characters in there is more likable than Elphaba in Wicked. I was looking for another of Maguire's book 'Confessions of An Ugly Stepsisters'  everywhere but couldn't find it.


iceroll said...

waaa ko bake kan cake utk hubby ko? halaaa sweetnye ko dilaaa. hahaha. Wait, since when u become a sweet person?

Dils said...

hahaha. Aku memang sweeeeettttt.... tu lah ko tataw.

Obefiend Weiland said...

mrs weiland did something like this for me a few years go

her cuppa cakes makes me cry!

i am such a wuss when it comes to homemade stuff!

the cake nampak sedap!! and fattening!! NOMONOMONOMONOM

Dils said...

I think Mrs Weiland is a better cook than me. Hehe.

That cake is not delish as it looks. Akan try lagi!

FrH said...

sweet gile dila buat befday cake utk hubby!!! kagum aku yg xpernah buat kek ni.. haha ;)(maklumlah, mak aku yg terer buat kek tu ada kt umah, so segan laa aku nak buat .. alasan!!)

xjadik pon xpe, yg penting ada effort! (walopon kau byk alasan salah copy amount sugar la apa laa hahahha, bengong!!)

pan cake durian tu sgt mengiurkan gilalah!! why i havent tasted it before? need to find them asap.

Dils said...

hahahaha.. aku memang banyak alasan, tapi ade banyak la jugak reason yg aku kenal pasti kenapa mende tu tak jadi.

Pan cake durian tu sedap. Beli je kat stalls yang banyak jual makanan kat ikano or midvalley LG floor.

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