Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bloody Idiot

That's me. 

Damn fool. 
Me also. 

I wish I was a little bit less melodramatic. Turn down the melodrama a bit down would then prove beneficial for my overall common sense and dignity. 

Do you know I like to talk to myself when I am embarassed? Fun fact no. 1. But that can also happened if I am bored. Ok, that no 2, is just a cover up just in case you find me talking to myself and know that I am embarrassed because I am mentioning it, so I am throwing fact no 2 which maybe true or not so I can disguise the fact if it does happened and you people who reads this blog and remembered this and found me in a situation where I talk to inanimate objects deduced that I am embarrassed. Why do I have such thought process?

God. I am such a bloody idiotic fool. I just can't get over on how much of a total idiot I was. That word is becoming redundant. I wanna Shift + F7 at Words a bit to get a little variation. By the way, I always totally did this when writing an assignment and sometimes this blog, hitting Shift + F7 to widen a bit the vocab. 

Let see what it had to offer. 
unintelligent - nope
dim - true!
thick - true!
dense - true!

I tire of typing and copying so the above: dim, thick and dense all apply to me. 

You, yes, you must be agreeing and saying to yourself I brought it upon myself. True that. But I ain't going down alone.
This nonsensical entry does not make sense, but it does to me. In a way. Maybe I'll look up this entry and thought to myself, yeah, this thing does not make sense. I just need to VENT!

On how FOOLISH I had been. 

It is one of those mood swing Adek been talking about that I have which seems overdue.

Oi balik la Dila.

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