Thursday, April 01, 2010

Random Rabbles

I think Taye Diggs is kinda hot. Idina Menzel is a very lucky woman.

I hate breaking in a new shoe. But my new shoes look hot anyway.

I had finished watching HIMYM Season 1 - Season 4. It is indeed legend-Wait for it-ary. 

Went to the Sony Expo just now. Its fun if you like hanging around playing games and stuffs, and not if you're in a hurry.

My mouse is stupid. Malas betul nak beli mouse baru ok.

Ok. I am kinda bumming out that we had ran out of HIMYM eps to watch. Decided to wait for Season 5 to finish, so can marathon it. Just because Barney Stinson is not meant to be taken in moderation.

I run out of idea, and want to go home now.

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