Thursday, April 22, 2010

Awalkan sikit random rambling session sebab esok aku cuti. Horey!

That is my breakfast for today. Awesome for giving you that sugar buzz early in the morning and tooth rottening. Courtesy of the friendly bai roti of the neighborhood.


Tomorrow aku cuti. Saje2. And kebetulan pula there is some World Book Day promos ongoing at BookXcess and I am so going there tomorrow morning to haunt their new bookstore. I am hoping for some good deals, and a bit excited if I can find some books that I had been itching to read at half of the price as the one in Borders. It always kinda irk me that Kinokuniya and Borders don't offer membership cards for their frequent customers. I do like Kinokuniya stores better than Borders though. A tad bit cheaper, bigger selections and they blared out great music. Also Borders placed their books haphazardly, author with surname start with K ade kat J, M ade kat L. Confusing. But given the choice, if I can get cheaper books elsewhere, I'll go there instead.

Speaking of books, I had started reading that trilogy Inkheart books. I am not sure if I can deem it as boring, but it seems to be by the first few pages I read it ( I can't seem to get past chapter 2). But the thing is that, the characters are extremely unlikable. And I hate how the author seems to hit the readers on the head repeatedly on how the characters seems to REALLY LOVE BOOKS. Really? Mr/Ms Cornelia Funke? Like I didn't get that, the last 50 times you mentioned it! Maybe I'll need to read another book first before delving further into Inkheart. Who knows, it may get better after the first few chapters.


Besok is my hubby birthday. Barf. Hubby. I had to laugh out loud when Taqi used "your hubby boo". That is the most sickening thing ever. Husband. I'll use and be using that. Senang kata, ni haa laki aku dah makin tua esok. So, besok birthday dinner! Yeay! Kalo aku rajin aku post pics.

And yesterday was James McAvoy birthday! Happy belated birthday and may your blazing blue eyes be blazing some more at the cinemas nearby for me to gaze adoringly at! Eik, and I am giddy!


Obefiend Weiland said...

hubby boo!!

say happy birthday to the man! u dont call him that ke? haha. then apa nama manja? Jamil McAvoy? KEKEKE

coincidently my GF calls me BIBIBU. i dunno why when it comes to disguting pet names mesti ada letter B

back to topic

i now stick to MPH. maybe because sudah jadi member get 20%. ok lah.dari nothing kan?

borders? the one in The Curve in a sad state of affairs now. Ordered some books a while back but havent heard from them yet! Curses!

oh and selamat cuti!

Soraya Zainal said...


once i saw that Hiro, terus tak peduli pasal benda lain. Sumpah aku aku ingat Hiro dah pupus... nak kene cari ni... dulu hari2 makan mase sekolah rendah.

P/s: I may be going to bookxcess too this weekend, dah bosan dgn buku2 yang ade sekarang ni. need new books to help me to sleep.

frH said...

elelelele padahal esok cuti sbb befday hasbeng ..

ehh wujud lagi hiro itew ..? ding dang ada lg x ..? =)

Dils said...

Nama manja adalah between the man and the wife la. Haha.

I think for ordering Kinokuniya is better at it. Pekerja kat Borders nampak cam lembap je.

So what you bought at BookXcess?

Bai roti mesti ade jual. Kalo tak pon, tengok kedai2 runcit yang manned by the Indian or Indian Muslims.

Hahaha. Partly jugak la. Sebab kalo tak jumaat aku sampai rumah kul 9 malam. Mencie aku.

Ding Dang tak perasan la. Mungkin ade, tapi kalo ade pon malas beli. Tak sedap. Selalu beli yg keropok durian tu. Lagi best.

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