Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Really short updates

I really wants to blog. But I am really super sleepy so will post random short stuffs instead. Did they put some sleeping drugs in this Shilin Taiwan XXL Fried Chicken. I ate only half of it, because I am too kenyang to finish it. It is really big! Will leave it for dinner.

Just started to watch How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) And it is freaking hilarious! That lady in Siem Reap (I bought the dvd there) was right, it is really funny and her words were "I couldn't stop watching". True, true. Before going to work today, I manage to watch 2 eps even.

Fables Vol 13 is now out! Am so excited! And it looks thick! I saw it at Borders today, but bought something else

Why is it soo hard to get avocado juice ar? Is it a seasonal fruit or what?

The book that I bought from Borders today. Tada!

I am going to balut it, and caress it, and read it! By the way, the price at the back was 63.80RM, but with 20% off if bought another thing, (which I bought Cleo as a frivolous purchase), both magazine and book cost RM48.88. Cheaper than the Alice in Wonderland tickets I bought. Hoh!

Oh yeah, I had bought Alice in Wonderland movie tickets to watch this Friday. In 3D somemore. Never watch a 3D thingies before so I'm a bit jakun. However, I hope I will not puke like my colleague did (seems like she can't stand 3D when watching Avatar and ran out to the bathroom to puke).


iceroll said...

What? Don't tell me u didn't watch Avatar 3D yet meh? U should, and u know i'm right.

Dils said...

Nah. I don't think I can stomach through the cliche story for another 3 hours. Even for 3D.

[re-arrange] said...

how much is the alice in wonderland in 3D? more than rm48? biar betul....

Dils said...

at signature, for 2. Hahaha. Itu bukan gold class lagi.

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