Friday, March 26, 2010

Late post for Sheema's Birthday Events

Macam biasa aku memang lembap bab-bab upload gamba ni. So here some chosen pics to go into this blog, and later in Facebook perhaps!

Last Saturday was Sheema's birthday. So we started our outing with Redbox karaoke. Di mana, mesti posing dulu amik gamba sebelum start menyanyi

Selepas puas melalak and an unsatisfactory meal at Redbox, we headed to Toastbox ke Mytoast for munchies and drinks to replenish our voice. Seriously we were kinda wiped out.

Then we headed to ice skating! But no pics! Boo! I am kicking myself that I do not at least take pics semasa kami-kami memakai skate. There were many, many, many slippery and unforgettable moments at the ice rink, which resulted in a few falls and wet jeans. Bah!

And later for dinnertime, Sheema telah membelanja kami at Fish & Co which is delicious. Terima Kasih, Sheema.

Oh, the ice skating experience leave a prolong mark' or injury to one of us, when Seri ended up in a hospital due to fractured bones sebab jatuh terjelepuk di ice rink . Tapiiii Seri, you have to admit that the ice skating is not a complete waste of time kan, kan, kan?

Seri says hi!


iceroll said...

karaoke??!! Sejak bila ko pandai karaoke lak nih???

Poor Seri. Mesti sakit. Hope she get well soon.

SheeMa said...

thanks dil for your post. but i need the raw copy too, in case nak cuci utk lekat2 dlm album 2010 aku.. :P nnt zip kan ye..bila2 aku gi copy..maybe masa sham gi outstation ke...

Tapi you'are right.Definitely not a waste of times! cuma when we reach 30..maybe no physical celebration is needed...

amboih seri..siap bantal segala!

Ita Shadila said...

bergumbira sampai cedera.. isk isk isk... send my regards 2 seri, semoga dia cepat sehat!

Dils said...

Ehhhh.... a woman's heart is like an ocean, bla bla bla. Hahahahha.

Berpada-pada je kut. And I think it is just bad luck je kut. Nanti aku edit and compile. Busy sungguh minggu ni and wiken lepas. Sorry yek.

Go to the extreme memang prinsip kami. Hahaha. Naseb tak baik je la kut. Nanti aku khabarkan.

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