Friday, March 19, 2010

Ranting, meandering...the usual

I am drawing at a blank to blog. So random time! Just felt the need to blog because last post is too depressing to be left for long. 

Gossip Girl rant

Season 3 is so lacklustre. I am not sure because Blair and Chuck is together, but maybe because they have not tap into Blair and Chuck awesomeness. I am also quite sick of Serena sleeping around. Whenever people asked her to stop having sex, she will go all doe eyed and pouty and agreed but in the next 30 secs lost her pant in the process. Why are you writing her as such a dumb slut, show? Does Serena have absolutely no control over her libido?


Kurap sekarang sudah sangat gemok. I need to show some pics, but really she is becoming obese. I guess I didn't played with her enough which is why I let her play with Fasha, still I guess she needed more exercise. And Fasha looks so emaciated, I am planning to coop her up this weekend to fatten her up a bit. She looked like nobody is feeding her. I looked at the stray cats around the backyard, they are even fatter than Fasha. If it continues, a trip to the vet is needed.


I am feeling like membeli some shoes, hermmmm... it had been a while since a need to shop for shoes and handbags are lit up inside me. It felt foreign, yet welcoming but frightening. Haha! I also need to stop buying books and wait until I finish reading what I bought then continue to buy them again. I used to re-read Anne series every year, without fail! Because I don't have any money to buy books then back in college days (but I can still buy clothes), I re-read many books that I had. I am feeling like I missed my Anne books. The books are a bit preachy, but it does keep me inspired. 

And the thing aside from the multitudes of clothes that I have, ( my husband lament that I took 3/4 of the big closet and left him with a tiny space. Eh, you are a dude ) I realized that most clothes that I had are oldddd. Seriously they are even some shirts from when I was 14, that I am still wearing at least to the grocery stores. Hoh! And most of the clothes there, I have had them since the end of Form 5. My baju kurung, my jalan-jalan clothes, my jeans. And the thing is I noticed that I usually kept on wearing these old clothes and loathe to wear my new one. And my jeans, I seriously need to buy new jeans. The last time I bought a jeans was when I was 8 kg heavier. If I wear them now, I only needed to unbelt it and it would drop to the floor. But I still keep it because I am not delusional to think that I will be kurus (ok, moderately less tembam) forever.. Damn! That make the fried chicken I wanting to buy today for lunch as a bad idea.


Obefiend Weiland said...

since i dont watch gadis gosip i will rant on my show


what gives?


stop blowing things up for blowing up sake


as for kitties

u name one o your cat kurap? OLOLOLOLOL....... i alwats wanna name one of my cat CATCAT. but each time ada new kitten my sisters dah lay claim to naming them. I need CATCAT now. its so INDIE

come on season 2!!!

Dils said...

Kurap is a good name. Hehe.

Yeah, I watched a recent eps of Mythbuster and those 2 main guys seems only interested in task that involved blowing stuff up. Lame.

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