Friday, March 05, 2010

In summary: Jdo

A few days back, I had finally finished watching a jdorama titled Around 40. Took me several months to finish it. I started with Around 40, but then I started watching Mei-Chan no Shitsuji and was distracted by Mizushima Hiro cuteness and abandoned Around 40 and watched Mei-Chan no Shitsuji. 

So I am now itching to find a new jdo to watch. I don't have any point of reference, and I couldn't be bothered to google which is the best and so and so. My never fail method is DramaWiki the name of the actor or actress that I enjoyed watching in past jdo and downloaded it and hope it don't sucks.

Then I find myself bothered by a niggling little detail. The boys that I like to watch in jdo nowadays, mostly their birth year is after 1982. And the girls! Don't let me start on that. Some are even born on the 90s. Gah! I feel old! I am old! I am too old to be drooling over Mizushima Hiro or Yamapi.

I looked at the 'older girls' of jdo that I like to watch like Nakama Yukie and Esumi Makiko, and some of their jdo are about relationship about wife and their mom-in-law. Bah! Is there no interesting roles to give to older women in Japan?

And I don't like Kyoko Fukada ever since that God Gives Me More Time debacle of a jdo. Hate, hate, hate that jdo. I tried to like her in S.O.S. but found myself wishing that the character had been frostbitten to death at the end of the series. (there was a scene where the characters are stuck in a snowstorm, I think. I may had gotten confused with HYD 2. )

So I made it a point nowadays to check out the jdo that have Nakama Yukie, Naohito Fujiki and Esumi Makiko on them. I love anything that have Nakama Yukie (she's so pretty even if she's a bit kayu) and Esumi Makiko (she have such grace and elegance to her that I find attractive) and of course Naohito Fujiki, whom I first watched on Love Revolution. At least I can gaze dreamily on Naohito Fujiki appropriately without a sudden start in realization that the guy is wayyy younger than me.

Whenever I think of Naohito Fujiki, I always remembered Love Revolution. That is my absolute fav show ever. Ohhh. That show gives me goosebumps and butterflies even to this day. There is something so sweet about the jdo. And I fell head over heels with Naohito Fujiki. Especially the part when he called out the heroine name, all lilting and teasing. I swear I could have swoon, if I let myself.

Hmmm. Initially was planning to dedicate a whole post about Love Revolution, however all I could think about is love, butterflies, amazing, love, love, love.

So I am wrapping up this mess of a post about jdo, by saying I am downloading Untouchable starring Nakama Yukie and waiting for Naka nai to Kimeta Hi ( already out but no subs, starring Eikura Nana who is so cute and Naohito Fujiki !!! Both of them better not hook up in this jdo or I would be pissed. ) and Wagaya no Rekishi that have a lot of actors and actresses that I like. 

p/s: Well, this post is most certainly link busy. I couldn't be bothered to download pics for your amusement. There were too many jdos, actors and actresses that I had mentioned. 

p/s 2: Maybe I can do a bit of a post on Hana Yori Dango later. Hurmmmm. 


mangifera said...

I feel like recommending few JDo if you like Yamapi. Try Buzzer Beat. Quite a good love story one. though yamapi forever la kayu tapi the storyline quite nice. It's last summer JDo so relatively new jugak la.

If you like Yamapi and Eikura Nana, maybe could try Proposal Daisakusen. Quite old though hence might difficult to get the seed. But worth a try.

I would like to recommend Liar Game Season 2 but i guess too complicated and quite heavy. hrrmmm...try Osen for delectable food. quite a good show though not much of love story. you'll drool over the food. hehehe.

Dils said...

Already downloaded Buzzer Beat. Tunggu chance nk tengok je. hehehe.

Yeah, heard that Proposal Daisakusen macam best. Nanti la tengok bile ade.

Osen macam menarik, teringat lunch queen. Selalu trase nak makan nasi goreng pattaya. Hahaha.

Kalo heavy2 jdo, kureng sket minatnye

Obefiend Weiland said...

u know what dils

u talk about jdrama. suddemly shutdown system. the last jdrama i watced was GTO. itupun coz i read the manga masa kat utp

seems like a lifetime ago

i to like jdrama. some are cool like power office gal. but most are too soppy. keh keh

iceroll said...

Hmm, aku rase kan obe, ko sure akan tgk jdrama balik if it includes javidols and change it title a lil bit like kinky power office gal or something. hahahaha

Dils said...

Probably need to choose the type of drama that you really like kut. I never watched GTO actually, but never really wanted to anyway.

Itu ko punye preference tu

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