Sunday, February 07, 2010

We like color, we like them a lot.

I took the above title blog line from a Barney song, I might add. That song stays annoyingly in your head. 

I did mentioned before our next project on the house improvement stuff is to paint the table. The previous owner left a drop-leaf table and some chairs. Because we are frugal (ran out of money after buying house) and my husband felt it is a shame to throw it away, we decided to keep it.

However I do believe previously the table had been used as a homework table, hence the artwork and doodles that adorned the table.

I could just imagine little tykes sitting on chair with multitudes of homework spread on the table and a mother watching from the kitchen or somewhere nearby making sure the tykes are sitting there doing their homework, while the said tykes are actually malevolently doodling on the table because they are missing out on some Ben 10. 

So we sandpaper the table and chairs and my husband plastered the table I think, (I think) . Then we painted the table.

And we painted the table and chair seat red. My husband then continue to spray paint the other part of the table and chairs black pulak.  Which the below is now the finished products. Tada!

Feels like brand new dan ade sedikit feeling tadika. The green and yellow walls had also been freshly painted by my husband.

Oh, I also painted the dresser half white. Didn't manage to snap pic out of it yet. We are waiting for the renovation works to finish then I can really see how the house and colors and furniture will come together. It may totally sucks as I may not necessarily have the best of taste, but it'll do.


ein235 said...

love it babe. but i do wish you painted everything white. just like ur bedroom set.

Dils said...

heh, yeah.

Was thinking white jugak, (and I was eyeing the IKEA white dining table sebelum tu), tapi takut stain pulak. Maybe next time (tah bile).


taqiyuddin bakir said...

Its a kewl table. looks sturdy.

Dils said...

Yeah. Pretty sturdy for a drop leaf.

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