Monday, February 08, 2010


Random Sympathy
On the way to work this morning (at 10.50 am in the morning I might add), there was a lone lost stray dog stuck in the middle of a busy road  looking confusingly around him with cars whizzing on either side of him. My heart goes out to the dog. I wished I had the courage to stop my car in mid road mid traffic in the middle of the intersection of traffic lights and take that dog to a safe place. But I can only pray he found a safe way across the road to whatever greener patch on the other side of the road that he was heading to.

Ohhhh. I feel like snuggling to my kittehs now that I found myself thinking of the poor dog.

Random Rant
Somehow yesterday I was transfixed for a moment in front of tv showing Astro, Raja Lawak. I think its Raja Lawak based on the hosts and the weird people wearing costumes on stage. Then I got a sudden urge to punch the throat of the hosts.

Why ? The hosts was singingly berating (albeit jokingly but I don't find it funny AT ALL) the viewers for NOT voting or not voting ENOUGH of their favorite contestants. The hosts kinda goes like "Sebab y'all didn't sms enough, the person you like but DIDN'T VOTE ( or didn't vote enough) is now out and its ALL YOUR FAULT!". And you know what show I had also noticed that use these disgusting tactics? Akademi Fraktasia (AF).

Dammit. I feel like punching Astro next. You know why? Because they are using guilt to persuade viewers to give more money to Astro while the said viewers is also currently paying for their ASTRO subscription every month. It just seems like Astro wants viewers to waste more money for them to use Scrooge McDuck style.

In my head, Scrooge McDuck = Astro and the gold coins =  viewer's money.

Honestly, I couldn't care if the viewers watch or vote for their favorite celebrity wannabes ( most of the contestants does not qualified to be given the title 'artist'), but if you waste more than RM 2 to vote for your favorite wannabes, I am not so silently judging you (which is why I type this). If you waste RM10 for the said wannabes, that RM10 would serve a greater purpose in being used as a toilet paper.Because why i think its a waste to vote so much ( I heard people used RM30 to vote AF contestant per week. Are you insane?), you would help the artists more if you buy their work, or see them in concerts or shows.  Save your money on a more deserving artists will ya. This voting thing, is just a money grabbing opportunities from a big corporation who is constantly trying to up your subscription fees okeh.

Random plug to article(s) I like
You had heard GOOP right. To the unenlightened, it is kinda like a sophisticated blog (more like lifestyle entertainment page) created by Gwyneth Paltrow and her minions.

It  (at times) gives advice or tips or suggestions  to us Mundanes on how or what to exercise or eat or dress well or diet and give travel tips (which only Siti Nurhaliza could afford) on which is the best restaurants and hotels.

Well a writer is trying to "Goop" her way to the good life (those are her words), by following Gwyneth GOOP entries. I read a few, and it is hilarious. Take a look to here:

Random pic of kitteh because I want to

Currently Kurap 2nd favorite place for her to sleep while I am busy playing games or watching series at the computer. Before this I had a flat panel monitor, which is now RIP on the floor and currently replacing it is the my bro in law CRT monitor. I had been using that  (flat panel) monitor for almost 8 years. Good times. Time to buy new one. Anyway, with the flat panel monitor before, Kurap can position her montel body quite nicely for me to be able to watch series or play games while scratching her head at the same time (very the mengada punye kucing).

Now, I can't move the mouse because she keeps on putting her butt on the mouse and if not ;as you can see , her legs will keep on punching some random keys on the keyboard. So not really beneficial when playing Plants vs Zombies ya know. Need to find new monitor soonish.


iceroll said...

The problem is nnt ade jgk org yg akan rasa bersalah, lps tuh kate, "Betul laa ape si polan tuh cakap. We should spend more SMS to this guy, kalo tak nnt die akan terkeluar, dan Astro akan semakin kaya, kita pulak jadik semakin miskin. We should spend more."

Urghhh. Taktik yg sama jugak dipakai oleh para MLMers.

Dils said...

Scam .

Astro AF voting especially, is such a cheap scam. And it feels silly for me to think yang ade orang akan rase bersalah, but they hosts seems to keep doing it, so maybe its true.

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